Money Earning Games

Playing games is a fun activity. People love to play games at every age, especially when it comes to the benefit of earning money while having fun. It is like a cherry on the cake. Nowadays, making money has become easy with real money-earning games.

There are several opportunities out there that you can pick to earn money. Playing online games is one of them. There are several apps and websites which are providing real money earning games. You can just download them and simply play money-earning games and win real money from them.

With the Gamezy app, you can enjoy playing your favorite online games like ludo, cricket, carrom, pool, and so on along with winning real cash every day. Download the Gamezy app to access different online games and compete with global players to win real money.

Top Play to Earn Money Games

Some games that pay real money are:


Rummy is a traditional game played in the Indian household for a long time. It is an interesting game that is also categorized as a skill-based game. But now, people don’t have time to sit together and play with each other, so apps and websites provide an opportunity to play this game easily with the additional benefit of earning real money.

The purpose of the rummy game is to form sets and sequences. The ’13 Card Rummy’ is a very common card game. This game is also played as ‘Points Rummy’, ‘ Pools Rummy’, and ‘Deals Rummy’. In the tournament, the players are required to create impure and pure sequences and plan different strategies on how their opponents can play.

It is played by people of almost every age. This game fascinates most people as it offers rapid cash. It is played between two to six people simultaneously. Various game applications like Gamezy provide a great way to earn money by playing games online. One must select a suitable and secure platform to play rummy and earn money.


Ludo is one of the most popular multiplayer board games that can be played with friends and family living in different corners of the world as it is available online. Everyone loves playing ludo online with friends or family, even if they live far away. Now, it is listed among the most popular money-earning games.

Playing Onile Ludo does not require additional equipment, so one can easily play it on any device. It can be played during leisure time or to spend time with friends or family while earning significant money. One can also participate in live ludo tournaments to acquire extra money from the ludo game.


Another popular play to earn money card game is poker game. In a poker game, players wager over which hand is best according to that specific game’s rules.

The objective of poker is to win money by capturing the pot, which contains wagers made by various players during the hand.

Fantasy Cricket

Cricket is a pervasive game generally played by most people. To win this game, you have to win with your team members. It is one of the best real money-earning games.

In online fantasy cricket, winning points depend on how well the players selected by you perform in a match. The game offers two playing options. The first is to participate in the tournaments for free, and the second is to select the event for a fee.

One must be aware that all cricket-playing platforms are not secure. Additionally, money-based match carriers are sometimes risky. However, with some intelligence and the right team, one can earn good points and convert them to real money.


Carrom is one of the most popular games among all age groups. The aim of players should be to pot all the assigned coins in a turn-based game and then pocketing the queen. In this game, players can find different contests where they can play carrom with other players and earn cash.

You must target your assigned coins in online carrom. One player is given black and another white. Each player needs to pair one coin with the queen. Whoever first goals their coins will win the game and earn money.

The game is played by taking the coins into the corner pockets of the board with the help of a hitting coin (sticker) and fingers. Players must follow the game rules to earn points which will be later converted to real money.

Snakes & Ladders

Another game that can help you earn money is snakes and ladders. It is one of the classic board games. Two to four players can play this game concurrently. Each player has to reach number 100, crossing the snake bites. These four prayers win money according to their rank.

In this game, the players use their moves wisely to move forward up to the number 100, reaching the 100th box announces the victory of the player. It becomes very complicated for the players to move forward as there are snakes on some numbers. If a player reaches the number 54 which has the head of the snake, then that particular player has to get down following the tail of that snake. There are also ladders that can be used to climb up the numbers.

These games in the digital form create more enthusiasm among the young generation. They can play Snakes & Ladders with their friends and make a decent amount of money by playing games.


The pool is one of the most played games on the internet. It is a challenging and addictive shot game. You must shoot fifteen object balls and one cue ball. A player who first goals his ball will win this game.

There are different variants of the game on Gamezy where you can compete with skilled players and bots. Break-start the game, pot stripe, solids, and the 8-ball pool at the last to win real cash.

Run Boy Run

In this game, you must run your player to the higher mile. a player is required to collect coins while running. Various obstacles are created along the path to make the game challenging. While collecting coins, magnets are provided which can be used to attract coins from all the lanes. The longer you run, the more your point will be. In this game, there are so many difficulties that you have to overcome to win the game and earn real cash.

Sheep Fight

Ever imagined a game where you can enjoy the thrill of games along with brushing your mathematics? Sheep fight is here for you. another fun game to play and earn money.

In this game, players must drop their weighted sheep in the correct lanes and ram the opponents with their sheep strength. The sheep with a higher weight will push longer. It is one of the most interesting games to earn money.


Who hasn’t loved playing cricket online? Hitting huge sixes and fours with just a swipe has never been more fun and exciting before. In this game, players need to compete with opponents to win a match. In a two-overs match, players must score more runs than their opponents to win real cash. Just be aware of the deadly yorkers and nasty googlies that bowlers throw at you.

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Play Fantastic Money-Earning Games on Gamezy

Gamezy offers various real money-earning games like fantasy cricket, rummy, etc. In this app, the live scores of crickets are being shared. It gives benefits to those who are not able to watch live matches on television. To earn money in this app, you have to add some cash. Besides fantasy sports, you can also play rummy, poker, and other exciting casual games to earn actual cash daily.


When earning money and having fun can be done simultaneously, there will be no other excellent opportunity. So anyone excited about playing games and has skill in it should grab this opportunity and make their career in it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Online Money Earning Games Worth Playing?

Yes, these games are worth playing. A person with the skills and knowledge to play games should grab this opportunity and make these games another source of earning money.

Are These Money Earning Gaming Apps Providing Real Money?

Some apps provide real money, and some offer tokens and coupons, which you use to shop from different hands. To choose whether you want cash or tokens, you first have to see the terms and conditions of the game.

Are These Game Apps Safe or Fraud?

These apps are 100% safe and secure if you choose a trusted app because several apps state that they provide money. So, before you start using them, you have to see their reviews if they are secure or not.

How Can We Withdraw Money from These Gaming Apps?

Your earned money will be directly transferred to your game wallet, from where you can enter your bank details, and money will get transferred to your bank account.

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