Top Mistakes to Avoid While Playing 8 Ball Pool Online

There are loads of articles on the web that tell you what you should be doing while playing 8 ball pool online game. However, besides knowing what you should do, you should also have a fair idea about the mistakes you should avoid when you play online 8 ball pool.

A simple mistake can bring your entire online pool game to shambles. Take charge and try to avoid such mistakes. However, you need to be first aware of these common mistakes before you learn to avoid them.

What You Should Not Do While Playing 8 Ball Pool Online Game?

Top 5 mistakes to avoid while playing the 8 ball online game are:

  • Making tough shots
  • Not tracking rival’s moves
  • Not calculating shots
  • Making fouls
  • Improper timing and power

1. Avoid making tough shots

Something important to remember when you play an online 8 ball pool game is that you cannot defy physics. So, it is wise to know your limits and not go for shots that are practically impossible for you to play. If you miss, you waste your turn and probably miss simpler shots that you would have scored from instead.

2. Forgetting to track your rival’s moves

This might sound sneaky to most players, but paying attention to what your rival might be planning to do can help you disrupt their gameplay. Simply nullify their plan by making the game a little difficult for them. This can be done by moving their balls away, which are easier to pot or using the blocking tactic on their easy pots.

3. Calculate your shots

Don’t just strike the cue without thinking about anything. Vigorously calculate your shots, especially if you are a beginner. After enough practice, you will know how to hit instinctually.

4. Avoid making fouls

Even if you are the best at online 8 ball pool games, some silly foul shots will make you lose quicker than you think. So, learn about all of them and know how to avoid them. A great way would be not to randomly hit any ball without calculating first.

5. Timing and Power

We cannot stress enough how important timing is when you play pool games online. Do not lose track of time while calculating; otherwise, you will miss your chance. Also, don’t strike too quickly, either. Try to control your power as well, too slow and your cue ball won’t reach the intended target and too fast would probably move your target in an unintended direction.

Apart from these 8 Ball tips, never start playing the game without knowing the proper rules of 8 ball pool game. Avoiding these mistakes can help you to increase your chances of winning and thus, help you to earn more. Download Gamezy app now and start playing now!

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