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You can be good at playing Carrom, but you can always be better if you add some accessories to it. It is a fun indoor sport that can be played among 4 of your friends with the help of some Carrom Accessories to improve your gameplay. Several accessories are there, which make the game super fun and interesting. While there are some essential accessories without which you cannot play the Game, some additional accessories enhance the gaming experience. Of course, other accessories are not obligatory for enjoying a carrom match. Here we will discuss some Carrom Board Accessories that you should know.


  • What are Carrom Accessories?
  • How do all these Carrom Board Accessories help in the Game?

What Are Carrom Accessories?

Many people playing Carrom for years think, it only involves few carrom men, striker and carrom board, but it is not the complete story. The carrom board includes the following Carrom equipment or carrom tools.

  1. Carrom Men
  2. Carrom Strikers
  3. Carrom Finger Pads
  4. Carrom Powder
  5. Carrom Lamp Shade
  6. Carrom Folding Stand
  7. Precise Carrom Rexine Bag
  8. Precise Carrom Net
  9. Precise Carrom Coin Settler
  10. Precise Carrom Corner Protection Pad
  11. Precise Smoothy Carrom Polishing Paper
  12. Precise Carrom Powder Brush
  13. Precise Laws Of Carrom Book

Now we know that Carrom is not a game that only includes a wooden square piece with four holes in it and a few carrom men which needed to be hit by a striker.

How Do All These Carrom Board Accessories Help In The Game?

1. Carrom Men

Carrom men play a vital role in the carrom board as we play to earn these men from the Carrom Board. The more we win them, the higher we score in the Game. Playing with low quality or the old ones spoils the fun and reduces our performance and score in the match. Thus, having good Carrom men can give you an edge over your Game. The material of the carrom men is also an essential factor to keep in mind before buying them. The wooden ones usually get deformed from the edge over time. It is recommended to play with the plastic carrom mens as they aren’t affected by any of the problems like the wooden ones suffer, unlike the wooden ones. The plastic carrom men don’t absorb moisture and get buffed or deformed over time. Additionally, weight plays an essential factor when hitting any stationary object. Here is a simple physics behind it. F=ma *F= force, m= mass, a= acceleration The force depends on how much you apply to the striker, and the other factors like mass and acceleration depend on Carrom men. Thus, if you use or play with deformed or buffed carrom men, you won’t get the desired outcome, and the gameplay will be majorly affected. Also, plastic men are lighter, so they get easily accelerated with a little force.

2. Carrom Striker

Carrom striker is your barrel and sight to aim and fire as it’s the one whom you set the angle and force to it. Thus, having a good carrom striker is as essential as having good carrom men. The sticker shouldn’t be of wooden material; it should be of plastic as plastic is light and doesn’t deform or get buffed from moisture from time to time. Moreover, Carrom stickers are usually available in plastic material. They can become dirty if not used and kept secure for an extended period but can be easily washed off by soaking them in detergent water and then drying them. They will be fresh and new again.

3. Carrom Finger Pad

Carrom Finger Pad is for players’ safety. Everyone likes to keep playing if they are winning continuously, so winning is a good thing but keeping your fingertips is also necessary. Playing for a prolonged time can affect your fingertips as you apply force through it to the striker, and repeatedly hitting the sticker without any padding or cushion will damage your fingertips. As a result, you may experience pain and injuries affecting your gameplay. Thus, using Carrom Finger Pad would be a great idea for maintaining endurance in Carrom and improving your gameplay over time.

4. Carrom Powder

Unlike other powders, carrom powder is a bit different. It is not an all-purpose powder. It only serves the purpose of reducing friction over the surface. We usually use talcum powder on the surface of the carrom board, which generally gets deposited on the carrom board surface. Instead of reducing friction, it increases surface-to-object contact, thus increasing the conflict. A good Carrom powder doesn’t get stuck to the carrom board surface and minimizes the struggle on the carrom board surface. It increases carrom men’s acceleration on the carrom board surface when coming in contact with a moving striker using a good. Carrom powder increases the chances of pocketing more carrom men, resulting in an improved score.

5. Precise Carrom Powder Brush

Removing the extra or residue of Carrom Powder with bare hands isn’t a good idea as carrom powder contains many substances which are harmful to the human body and cause disease and allergies. Thus, Precise Carrom Powder Brush was introduced. It precisely removes all the powder debris and leaves no residues behind. It is also a must to buy accessories as Carrom Powder carries health hazards with it.

6. Precise Carrom Rexine Bag

Everything requires little maintenance, so why not this square piece of wood with four holes? This game accessory gives us so much fun and helps us spend quality time with our friends and family. A Precise Carrom Rexine Bag protects carrom board from moisture, Termite and protects its surface area from scratches, mishandling and improper storage. Things last long if we take proper care of them. A rexine bag doesn’t cost much to save your carrom board from the problems it can protect your Carrom from.

7. Precise Carrom Net

Dropping carrom mens isn’t a great idea until you are not planning to play Carrom for an extended period. Usually, the carrom net gets torn due to long-run use, mishandling of the carrom board or may get untucked if the glue wears out. So having an additional carrom net seems a fair idea. Buying a carrom net made of cloth isn’t a good idea. A net-based Carrom net is preferred as small spaces stretch if the pressure gets applied to it, unlike the cloth net, which gets torn, and again you need a new one. Net-based Carrom Net is suitable for long-term usage.

8. Precise Carrom Coin Settler

Everything looks good when it is in a proper form; thus, the appropriate arrangement of Carrom mens looks good, and the break seems satisfying. Therefore, this is the place where Precise Carrom Coin Settler comes in. Of course, it is not an indispensable accessory, but you must keep it if you frequently play Carrom.

9. Precise Carrom Corner Protection Pad

Cars need airbags for passenger safety. The same goes for Carrom Board. Keeping the edges covered with cushioned pads is vital for edges. The damage to the edges can reduce the strength and quality of the carrom board and cause permanent damage.

10. Precise Smoothy Carrom Polishing Paper

This accessory is a good and comparatively cheaper alternative for Carrom Powder as the polishing paper. As these don’t have any powder or leave any residue behind, unlike some cheap carrom powders that leave some hard debris behind. Thus, the carrom manufacturers came up with this. It is just rubbed and go accessory. You must buy accessories if you frequently play Carrom and usually run out of carrom powder.

11. Carrom Folding Stand

We talked about carrom men, good strikers, finger pads, carrom powder and many other things, but what about the stability of carrom board? People usually place these boards over any surface. They could be uneven or slightly tilted. Hence the balance of the carrom board isn’t maintained correctly, which results in many problems. If the board is somewhat tilted to any side, the opponent facing the opposite might benefit from this issue. Thus, to eradicate this problem, Carrom board designers came up with Carrom Folding Stand. They maintain the equilibrium of stability of the entire carrom board. They serve their purpose perfectly and use less space as they are foldable and require less storage space.

12. Precise Laws Of Carrom Book

Games look good when played relatively. Thus, a rulebook for Carrom is also must keep accessory as it includes the following set of rules in it-

  • Have a tutorial on playing Carrom board
  • Have all the rules for angles of strike
  • Have the rule set of sitting posture
  • Have regulations regarding the fouls
  • Have rules regarding the point gains

A rule book is required in any game to keep fair play. However, if you don’t want to spend so much on getting physical Carrom Accessories for any reason, you can easily play Carrom online on the Gamezy platform. Here you also get opportunities to earn money by playing carrom.

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