Carrom Board

A carrom board is typically a wooden board that acts as a playing station. It is also known as fingerboards. This carrom board originated in India’s Subcontinents and is extremely common within the Indian landmass. And is known by numerous names in numerous languages. In South Asia, various clubs organize carrom tournaments regularly.

In this post, we will discuss the carrom board, the most important yet rarely centered equipment of the carrom.


What Is A Carrom Board?

A Carrom board is a square-shaped plywood board with several small details. It is well-laminated and polished to support coin sliding. This board is the most crucial piece of equipment.

As for its design, it has four holes at every corner of the square board. It also has four baselines with base circles at the end of every baseline and four arrows pointing toward the four holes joining the four base circles. At the center of the carrom board, there is a red color circle with an outer circle of black color.

The scale of the standardized board is around twenty-nine inches (74cm) sq. The sides square measure delimited by bumpers of wood and every pocket’s under-surface is roofed by a net of ten cm or larger.

How The Carrom Board’s Designed?

Generally, a carrom board size is around 29 ✕ 29 inches. In comparison, the size of the carrom board used in tournaments is generally 74 ✕ 74 inches. The thickness of the carrom board should not be less than 8 mm, and it should be at least 73.50 cm and at the highest 74 cm.

Moreover, this plywood board has the following significant features.

  • Pockets

In each corner of the carrom board, there is a circular hole known as a pocket. Under each hole, there is a net to catch the disc. So, a carrom board has four pockets, and each measure around 4.45 cm in diameter. A piece of the wood border is placed around them on the neck of the frame. Moreover, all four pockets of carrom board are secured with a net. This net holds the carrom men whenever they are pocketed and prevents them from falling

  • Center And Outer Circle

The center of the carrom board has a small red circle precisely placed at the center of the board. This red coin-sized circle measures approximately 3.18 in diameter with an acceptable variant of 0.16 cm. Around the small center circle, there is a big outer circle.

This outer circle serves as a station for keeping carrom men on the carrom board. All the black, white, and queen discs are arranged inside the outer circle. On the outer side of the center, the circle is another black circle of 17.00 cm with an acceptable variant of 0.30 cm.

  • Baselines

There are four baselines on each side of the carrom board. The baselines on the carrom board are parallel to their respective frames. They are approximately 47 cm long. Though they are referred to as lines, they resemble rectangular shapes having circles known as Base Circles at each end.

  • Base Circles

Base circles refer to circles at the end of each baseline. Generally, these circles measure around 3.18 cm in diameter. Inside the base circle, one more circle of red color is present, 2.54 cm in diameter. The distance between each base circle is nearly 1.27 cm.

  • Arrows

The Carrom Board has four diagonal rays pointing towards all four holes or pockets, known as arrows. The arrows on each corner of the carrom board are a maximum of 0.15 cm in thickness with an angle of 45 degrees. The length of the arrows is around 26.70 cm.

  • Playing Surface

The playing surface of the best carrom board is smooth and slippery, supporting tokens to slide on the board. Usually, a carrom board is carved out of good quality plywood. The minimum height of the playing surface is 1.90 cm, and the maximum height is 2.54 cm. The breadth of the carrom board frame is a minimum of 6.35 cm and a maximum of 7.60 cm. There should be proper support below the playing surface of the carrom board so that the carrom board does not get broken while playing.

How To Set Up A Carrom Board?

In carrom board set up, all the carrom men and the queen are placed at the center of the board. A carrom board must be set up as per the following guidelines.

  • To set the carrom board, the Queen is placed at the center of the carrom board with 3 black discs and 3 white discs circling the Queen.
  • On the outer side of the first circle, the remaining discs are also placed in circular form.
  • The pattern should be made so that the white discs form a Y with the Queen in the center and two of their segments directed towards the pocket.
  • The arrangement of discs should not cross the boundaries of the outer circle.

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Other Equipment With Carrom Board:

  • Carrom Men

Little disks of wood or plastic used are called carrom men. Carrom men are designed to slip on the carrom board once the sticker hits. Typically, carrom men are of black and white color. White color men have more value than black color men.

  • 1 Queen

The red disk shaped like a carrom man is named the Queen. It is the most valuable piece among all carrom discs. A Queen is placed on the small circle at the center of the carrom board. The size of the Queen is equivalent to those of carrom men but it has the highest value.

  • 1 Striker

A striker is also essential equipment for the carrom board. It is also a plastic disk like carrom men used to push their tokens towards the pocket. A striker is slightly bigger than the carrom men. The carrom striker unremarkably weighs fifteen grams of size four. It has a 1 cm diameter.

  • Carrom Board Powder

It is a fine-grained powder applied to the board to reduce the friction between the board and discs. Element acid powder is the most typically used for this purpose. Carrom board powder makes carrom surface smoother which makes flowing of tokens easy.

Final Thought:

This is all about the carrom board, its design and its importance. Although playing carrom is not all about the board, the carrom board is the base. One can get a carrom board from local markets or stores or bring an online carrom board.

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