Carrom Board Game

The Carrom board game is also known as fingerboards. It can be played by 2 to 4 players. It is an indoor game that is very fun to play. People of all ages can play this play with genuine interest. To make the carrom board surface smooth, you can sprinkle carrom board powder on its surface. Carrom board powder is readily available in the market. This game originated in India Subcontinents. You can play carrom at your home, parks, gaming centers, and tournaments. And in the present technology-led world, virtual carrom or online carrom is also available to play.

We will be discussing everything about the carrom game in this blog.


How to Play the Carrom Game?

The Carrom board game requires lots of attention and patience. First, the player should know how to aim their men (carrom discs). The player should have the skill to play carrom. Carrom is a simple yet tricky game. It needs the whole focus of the player. Players must pocket their discs as quickly as possible to win the game.

Steps to play carrom board:

  1. The first step in starting the game is to make a toss. After the toss, each player will choose who will take black and white men.
  2. The second step in playing the game is that the player needs to shoot the discs by placing the striker on the baseline.
  3. The player needs to aim and pocket their discs in the hole.
  4. Every player gets one chance in and around. If they pocket any of their discs, they will get another chance to play their turn.
  5. Along with pocketing their discs, players also need to pocket the Queen.
  6. When a player pockets their Queen, the player needs to pocket his other piece to get the Queen.
  7. If the player cannot pocket a disc after pocketing the Queen, they will not get the Queen, and the Queen will be placed back in the Centre circle.
  8. If the player can pocket a disc along with the Queen, they will earn 5 points.

Things Need to Play the Carrom Game:

  1. A Wooden Carrom Board
  2. 9 Black men (discs)
  3. 9 White men (discs)
  4. 1 Red Disc (known as the Queen)
  5. 1 Striker

Winning the Carrom Game:

To win the best carrom board game, a player must pocket all their discs along with the Queen. Whichever player pockets all his pieces at first will win the game. This game is based on your skills in handling your wrist, the pressure of your fingers, and your aiming abilities. You should know these small tips and tricks to win this game.

Basic Rules of Carrom Board

The important and basic rules of Carrom board online game are as follows:

  • The player’s wrist or arm cannot touch the surface of the carrom board.
  • A player can strike with the striker using only one hand’s index finger, middle finger, or joining finger and thumb.
  • The thumb can be used in the back for backward shots.
  • The player can use rebound shots to strike discs touching the player’s baseline.
  • The players should keep in mind that they cannot cross the baseline or even cannot touch the baseline circles.
  • Once a player is sitting in his position, he is not allowed to change his position to strike the discs.

Fouls And Penalties in Carrom Game

When a player commits a foul, the turn ends immediately, and the penalty is incurred. The penalty is that the player is subjected to return one pocket of the disc to the board anywhere within the central circle.

When do fouls happen in the carrom game?

  1. If the striker goes any of the four holes.
  2. If a player pockets the Queen in the first strike.
  3. If a player pockets the striker along with their disc.
  4. The striker or any other disc goes outside the carrom board.
  5. If a player pockets the Queen along with the opponent’s disc.
  6. A player pockets their last disc without pocketing the Queen.
  7. If a player pockets the opponent’s last piece.

When Does a Player Loses His Turn?

  1. If the player pushes the striker to hit the carom disc but cannot pocket it.
  2. If the player’s arm crosses the diagonal line on the board.
  3. If the player fails to break the circle of discs correctly in three attempts.
  4. If a player touches any of the other discs excluding the striker.

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How to Play Online Carrom Board Game?

The online carrom board game is equally exciting as offline carrom. The wooden board is also primarily similar to an offline carrom board. The rules and regulations are also the same on the online carrom games. In online carrom, two players can play or compete against each other at times. One player is assigned a white disc, and another player will have a black disc.

The player has to pocket their discs with the Queen. Whoever pockets them first along with the Queen will win the game. To play online carrom, you can download any app providing this game. You can play online carrom with your friends by sending game codes to each other, or you can also play with strangers. It is effortless to play, and the winner also gets the points.

One can visit the Gamezy platform to play an online carrom board game with friends.

How to Set Up Carrom Board Game?

The Queen is placed at the Centre of the carrom board with three black discs and three white discs circling the Queen. On the outer side of the first circle, the remaining discs are also placed in circular form. The pattern should be made in such a way that the white discs form a Y with the Queen in the Centre and two of their segments directed towards the pocket. The arrangement of discs should not cross the boundaries of the outer circle.

How is Carrom Board Design?

Carrom Board is a square board. Carrom board size is generally 29 ✕ 29 inches. The size of the carrom board, which is used in tournaments, is around 74 ✕ 74 inches. In each corner, there are four circular holes. Under each hole, there is a net to catch that hold the disc when players pocket them. There is a small circle in the centre of the carrom board. Around the small centre circle, there is a big outer circle. All the black, white, and queen discs are arranged inside the outer circle. There are four baselines on each side of the carrom board. There are circles on the end of every baseline known as base circles. Carrom also has four diagonal lines pointing towards all four holes.

To master the game of carrom, you need practice and practice. As we all know, practice makes a man perfect. Any skill can only be mastered if practiced correctly. You can practice carrom both online and offline and can master your skill.

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