Carrom Rules

The game of carrom became popular throughout the world in the last century. Earlier it was played by people residing in India and South East Asia. There are variations in a carrom game but we can still rely on international guidelines provided by the UK carrom club. These Carrom rules are created for simplifying the game whenever possible.

The online carrom game has gained a lot of popularity due to the ease with which you can start playing this game without having to worry about the physical equipment and its arrangement. Once you download the Gamezy application, you will find the carrom game inside. You can spend some time knowing the rules before you start playing.

Key Carrom Game Rules

The important rules of a carrom game online can be divided into the following parts:

The Rule for the Setup

The professional format game is played often between two players, with the queen coin placed in the centre of the board, surrounded by six pieces in a circle. All of them touch the Queen and the pieces next to them, such that every outer piece is touching the inner circle. The coloured pieces in the two circles should be alternative. The two circles are formed in such a way that two white pieces from the outer and inner circle form a straight line that points to a side of the board where the player who will break is seated. With an online carrom app like Gamezy, you need not worry about getting this ring formation perfect, as it is automatically available to you once you start the game.

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Carrom Rule for Scoring

The player has to pocket all the assigned pieces (either all black pieces or all-white pieces) and then the queen followed by the last assigned coin for cover in professional matches. In the case of a freestyle match, you should score higher than your opponent by the time there is no coin left on the board.

Striking Rules in Carrom

The striker has to be struck and not pushed. However, if you are playing online then a striker can be dragged on the line from left to right, you can aim and then release the striker by dragging it down. The striker has to be positioned between the two lines or on the two circles at the player’s side. It should touch both the front line and rear line.

Carrom Game Rule for Fouls

After a player commits a foul, a penalty is charged by taking away one of their coins and placing it on the centre and their turn ends immediately. A foul is considered when the player pockets the striker or ends up striking under the striking line. Other instances of foul play would be pocketing the final cover piece before the queen.

Easy to Play & Win Money on Gamezy Carrom:

You can win a lot of prizes by emerging as a winner at professional style or freestyle games. If you intend to test your skills more and win more prizes, you can participate in online tournaments against real opponents with real money.

However, the rules of online carrom on Gamezy are so simple and clear, that you can simply focus on using your skills to win. Even if you are playing a carrom game online for the first time, these rules will hardly take you time to get used to.

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