Carrom Tricks and Trick Shots

The game of carrom is fun, hence the rules are minimum, most known by word of mouth since there is no definitive guide for people to follow. Online Carrom trick shots are a great way for taking your opponents by surprise. They are so diverse and fun that they are as enjoyable as when you play carrom games online. Everyone wants to prove that they are better than opponents; in such cases, trick shots come in handy.

Popular Carrom Trick Shots

Some of the most popular carrom tricks and trick shots are:

  • Back shot trick
  • Double shot trick
  • Cut shot trick
  • Board shot trick
  • Middle shot trick

Back Shot

A striker cannot be directly hit at the back when pieces are placed next to the pocket at the side you are playing on. According to the rules, a striker cannot hit backwards in this position. So, you hit the opposite side of the board with your striker. It comes back and hits the trick piece at your side. This shot can be easily played in the online carrom game as well.

Double Shot

When you play board games, especially online carrom, some shots are common and known to all. A double shot is one of those shots; it is played when the piece is in the center or anywhere near to it. The striker hits the piece hard and makes it collide in the opposite direction, so it rebounds and falls into the pocket at your side.

Cut Shot

The cut shot is played when the pieces are in the center of your board. So if your striker is placed on the left side, you will drag and release your striker towards the right side, and the piece will be pocketed in the right pocket.

Board Shot

This one is a tricky shot; it can be attempted by players of an advanced level who have acquired enough expertise related to carrom and trick shots. When you play this shot, the striker needs to hit different sides of the board in such a manner and order that the piece at your side is pocketed. The physics of online carrom are impeccable, and it makes such shots possible.

Middle Shot

This carrom shot is tricky to play, which is the whole point of it. This shot is played at the beginning of the game when all the pieces are in the center. You hit two pieces that are adjacent to each other, so when they collide, they will go in opposite directions. This will help you to pocket two pieces at once in the first shot of the game, which is pretty impressive and is bound to give you an edge over your opponent.

These were some of the common carrom tricks that players can use while playing. Be updated with the carrom rules and take advantage of these aforementioned trick shots and win every game on the Gamezy app.

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