How to Play Carrom?

Carrom is one of India’s most beloved games. Initially introduced as a traditional tabletop game, Carrom has a few rules that are similar to the game of snooker or billiards. It surrounds gameplay where you propel the coins with your fingers with the main purpose of potting them into 4 corners of a carrom board. The goal of the game is to pot the 9 designated coins (either black or white) before potting the Queen piece (Red) before your opponent.

Today, the popularity of carrom game has increased with the digital era. Anybody can just use a smart device to play Carrom online without the need for any physical equipment. Carrom is also considered a household game and can be enjoyed with any age group.

How to Pay Carrom Online on Gamezy App?

  1. Download Gamezy and click on Carrom
  2. Enter cash battles or practice for free
  3. Add Cash & Wait for a match
  4. Start playing!

What are the Common Rules to Play Carrom Board Game?

There are various rules of carrom that one should know before starting to play online carrom on Gamezy. Some key rules are:

  • Striking should be done within 25 seconds.
  • If the opponent’s coin is potted, then they will earn a point
  • Fouls can occur if the striker is potted, the opponent’s last coin is potted when the Queen is still on the table, and if you pot your own last coin when the Queen is still on the table.

FAQs on How to Play Online Carrom

How Many Players Can Play Carrom?

On Gamezy, Carrom online can be played in a head-to-head contest in a winner-takes-all format.

How to Play Carrom for Beginners?

To strike the coin, position the coin using the bar carefully. Then drag the power button down to adjust and shoot. Pot the coins that are close to the pockets first.

How to Play Carrom Like a Pro?

To play like a pro in Carrom online, position the coins to block your opponent’s turn in case of difficult shots. Also use backshots to pocket the coins that are placed behind the baseline.

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