Fantasy Cricket is the biggest rave in the country right now apart from actually playing the sport. However, if the concept of Fantasy Cricket, in general, has to thank anything for its incredible success over the years then it has to be the Fantasy league in IPL. With more than 400 million viewers of the league worldwide, and a significant number of them playing some sort of fantasy cricket league, IPL surely has brought about a revolution in the sector. Let us do an in-depth analysis of how to play fantasy cricket during IPL matches and how it works.

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What is IPL Fantasy League?

IPL T20 fantasy league is an online game where you create your virtual team using real-life players from both teams in a match. You can call your team members virtual players who help you generate points through their real-life performances in a match, in accordance to the runs scored, wickets taken, holding catches, low economy rate, high strike rates, number of boundaries and sixes hit, number of dot balls bowled and so on. Almost everything counts here and gives you points and hence choosing the right team is the key. There are plenty of contests in the IPL T20 Fantasy League, in which you can participate and make different combinations to improve your chances of winning big money.

IPL Fantasy League 2020

With the 2020 IPL just around the corner, the IPL Fantasy League will start soon and you should be well-versed with the rules and regulations of it. Fantasy cricket league IPL is the fantasy cricket league of IPL itself that gives you credit points and money as winning prizes. Just like in the real-life IPL, you cannot choose more than 4 foreign players in your virtual squad of Fantasy cricket league IPL. You need to choose a minimum of 2 batsmen and bowlers with the maximum limit being 5. For all-rounders, the maximum limit is 4 and the minimum is of 1. Another important thing you need to keep in mind is that there has to be at least one uncapped player in your Fantasy XI at all times.

How to Play IPL Fantasy League?

An IPL fantasy league game needs a lot of skill set to improve your earnings from the league. With millions of participants all around, you have to be at the top of your game to win big in such fantasy leagues. There is a basic set of rules that will help you select a team based on them but you will have to improve your research on players to get the truly best fantasy XI in a game.

The first and the most basic suggestion you should follow is to pick top-order batsmen from both teams. We all know how batmen-dominated this format is with the average scores hovering around 180-190, so it only makes sense to pick more batsmen than bowlers. Furthermore, all the teams deck up their top 4 with the best four batsmen in the side, since they get the best opportunity to face the maximum number of deliveries and go berserk. Therefore, picking them would be the safest option.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind regarding an IPL fantasy league game is that you should focus on picking quality all-rounders, who are a bit more potent with the bat. Since all-rounders can contribute with both bat and ball and end up raking a huge number of points for you, they should be your top pick.

Speaking of points, the most important thing that you need to keep in mind in such situations are the players you choose as the captain and vice-captain of your virtual team. Since the points system is such that they earn 2x and 1.5x the actual points they earn, these two decisions can change your fortunes drastically. The best way to go forward here is by selecting an in-form batsman or an all-rounder for these two roles.

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What is Stealth Mode in IPL Fantasy League?

In the IPL cricket fantasy league, the stealth mode allows you to hide your team from your opponents so that they do not copy your selection. It is an extremely important mode for everyone as this minimizes the number of successful fantasy XI combinations.

IPL Fantasy League Tips

While playing the best IPL fantasy league, it is important to make sure that you are well-informed about everything that surrounds the sport. The biggest mistake that people make is that they do not wait until the last moment to finalize the team. You should be ready with your team at least an hour before the game, but do not finalize it. Wait till the toss and look at the final lineup to see if there have been last-minute changes that hamper your team selection. It could be due to an injury or a change brought about due to the conditions of the pitch – no matter what the reasons may be, you should always wait for the official final list before setting your team. This small tip will help you a lot in selecting a fantasy XI in which all the players are actually playing.

Analyze the past performances of each player, performance against that particular team, the pitch conditions, the ground in which they are playing and many such small factors that may not look that important but certainly are crucial. The fantasy cricket players who keep such things in mind are the ones who end up winning the best IPL Fantasy League and earn big money.

IPL Fantasy League Daily Challenge

The IPL Fantasy League daily challenge, as the name suggests, is a daily challenge that you can participate in to earn money. It does have huge prize money but the biggest of the lot is the fantasy championship where you play throughout the IPL and then win a huge prize at the end. There are multiple daily challenges in the IPL fantasy league based on the match of the day for you to participate.

Best App for IPL Fantasy Cricket League

When it comes to playing IPL Fantasy league on other apps or platforms, there are at least three dozen apps out there with almost every app being a copy of each other. This is where Gamezy fantasy cricket app is different from others as it brings out special contests from time to time apart from the major fantasy contests. These small contests allow beginners to play the fantasy cricket and get used to it before making the jump to the bigger contests. Gamezy gives the option of checking player performance in the last 5 matches, playing daily free contests, and creating multiple teams. Apart from these, you can also play in different formats like 5-a-side and 2nd innings in 8 different languages.

IPL Teams List in 2020

The teams in IPL 2020 are:

Chennai Super Kings Kolkata Knight Riders
Delhi Capitals Mumbai Indians
Sunrisers Hyderabad Rajasthan Royals
Kings Xi Punjab Royal Challengers Bangalore

FAQs on IPL Fantasy League

What is Fantasy League IPL?

IPL fantasy league is an online game where you pick players from both teams and build a virtual dream fantasy team. You get points based on the real-life performance of the players (i.e. total runs, wickets, catches, etc.). The player with the most fantasy points scored wins the contest.

How to Join a League in IPL Fantasy Matches?

It is easy to play IPL fantasy cricket on the Gamezy app. First, install the app, choose a match, join a contest and then build your own fantasy team to start playing.

When will the IPL Fantasy League Matches Start in 2020?

The IPL fantasy matches on Gamezy will start as soon as the IPL season starts. So, you can start your IPL fantasy journey with Gamezy from 29th March onwards.

What Players are a Must-have for the 2020 IPL Fantasy Season?

In every IPL there are a few players who outshine the others and always chosen in every fantasy match. Among the many IPL stars,10 must-have players are Virat Kohli (RCB), Rohit Sharma (MI), Andre Russel (KKR), Sunil Narine (KKR), Jasprit Bumrah (MI), Risabh Pant (DD), AB Devilliers (RCB), Ravindra Jadeja (CSK), Mohammed Shami (SRH), and Shikhar Dhawan (DD).

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