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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fantasy Cricket?
How to play Fantasy Cricket?

Playing fantasy cricket on gamezy is very easy. Just follow the steps below.

  • Select the match that you wish to play
  • Join one of the many contests
  • Create your team
  • Win money and withdraw your cash
Which players to select?

Check the pitch report. Check whether it is batting or bowling pitch. If it is batting pitch then select more batsman in the team and if it is a bowling pitch, then choose more bowlers in the team. Check players performance from previous match and records of players on playing pitch. Depending on all these factors you can select players for your team.

What are tips and tricks to win more?
  1. a. A player sitting outside cannot perform

    So make sure you choose only those players who are going to be in the playing XI. But the good thing is that at Gamezy, you can now edit your team till the last min before the match starts.

  2. b. Look for batsmen in batting positions 1-2-3 in both the teams.

    The first 3-4 batsmen from both the team get the maximum opportunity to score runs. And that is the reason why someone like Kohli or Rohit Sharma has more runs than a player like Dhoni.

  3. c. Choose players based on their form from previous matches.

    Selecting a player in form will benefit you more compared to selecting a player who isn’t. Also, see how a player haves performed against the same opponent or on the same pitch in past matches.

  4. d. Check the pitch & weather report.

    Check if it is a bowling or batting friendly pitch? Is the average score on that pitch above 190 in T20s? This will help you decide if you want to go for a batsmen heavy team or a bowler heavy team.

  5. e. Bowler’s economy doesn’t matter too much. Wickets do.

    So pick your bowlers who are wicket takers. For example, bowlers like Piyush Chawla or Imran Tahir will give you more points, because they take a lot of wickets even if they get hit a lot.

    Once you have selected your “Best XI”, it’s time to choose a captain and a vice-captain for your team.

  6. f. As they say, a captain should lead by example

    in fantasy cricket, whatever points your captain make will be doubled and your vice-captain will get 1.5 times his points.

Will i be able to withdraw money?

Yes, the money that you win from the contest can be withdrawn and transferred to your bank account. The minimum amount that can be withdrawn is Rs.200 and maximum is Rs. 2,00,000. You can even join the contest for next match using the amount and win more.

You cannot withdraw any amount from your bonus wallet. The bonus amount can be used only to join the contest and play the game. So once you earn money by winning in the contest, the money can be transferred but not referral bonus amount.

Which contest to join?

There are Grand Leagues or Mega Contests where thousands of players participate for a big cash reward. The entry fee is generally less in these contests.

Then there are small contests which range from 5 players in a pool to a few hundred. And there is a head to head contest where you play against one person. In most of these contests, 50% of participants win except a few exceptions.

But there’s more to Gamezy! At Gamezy we have designed contests where we ensure that higher number of participants win and in some contests, everyone wins.

So that’s it. Join your contest, make your team and get your fantasy journey started. It’s time to play and make money while playing.

Is it legal to play Fanstasy Cricket?

Fantasy Cricket Games are legal in India, these games are categorised as the game of skills as it involves skill factors such as knowledge, expertise, judgement, strategy and understanding.

The law in these four states- Assam, Odisha Telangana and Kerala proclaims that any game of mixed chance and skill cannot be played for any real money. therefore for the residents of these four states Fantasy games are not available for real money. Above all, in-depth thinking and pre-requisite knowledge about the game is the main factor responsible for the overall popularity of Fantasy Cricket in India. You need to apply all the permutation and combination to defeat your opponent. it is a misconception that Fantasy Cricket is gambling or betting and is illegal in India. It is 100% legal to play Fantasy cricket in India.