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Daily Fantasy Sports

Various daily fantasy sports (DFS) games can be played on Gamezy daily and players can use their skills to win big on their favourite games. Daily fantasy sports on Gamezy cover three games currently, with Cricket being the biggest and most popular, followed by Football and newly launched Kabaddi. Daily Fantasy focuses on individual matches with multiple contests of different prize pools.


What are Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Sports involve choosing a team of real players in an online selection process, or a draft, to assemble a fantasy team. The players’ real-game statistics are compiled and compared to see whose fantasy team has done the best and rewards are given accordingly as determined by the platform it is played on.

Players track how their fantasy team is doing using various websites or mobile apps. Some players join leagues with friends and compete against only people they know. Others join public leagues hosted by websites or apps and compete against strangers.

Best Daily Fantasy Sports Site/App

Gamezy is one of the best fantasy sports sites/apps. Multiple daily fantasy sports games are available on Gamezy. Play fantasy sports on Gamezy with an option to choose between Cricket, Football, and Kabaddi. Gamezy offers multiple contests in each individual match to choose from.

Players who are looking for quick gains can join contests on Gamezy daily. There are multiple options available in terms of cricket where you do not just play the full match. You can choose to play multiple innings during a test match, 2nd Innings during T20s or ODIs, and even a fun feature called Live Fantasy, where you can play during a live ongoing match in batches of 5 overs. Gamezy is definitely the best daily fantasy site.

Top Fantasy Sports on Gamezy App

On the Gamezy fantasy sports app, sports enthusiasts can play the following fantasy games:

  • Fantasy Cricket
  • Fantasy Football
  • Fantasy Kabaddi

Fantasy Cricket

On the Gamezy website and app, fantasy cricket is the biggest and most popular sport available. All major tournaments international and domestic are played on the app. You can now choose from various modes of gameplay according to your time and preference. If a T20 match or ODI match is on, you can play 2nd Innings or you can try Live Fantasy, where you have to make a team for 5-over or 10-over phases and play multiple times during one single match.

Fantasy Football

Gamezy features daily football fantasy as well, where you can choose to play matches from a plethora of leagues. There are Premier League, La Liga, French League, Champions League, and German Bundesliga matches happening across the week. You can now choose your players based on their past performance data which is analysed and available in-app.

Fantasy Kabaddi

On the Gamezy app, fantasy kabaddi was launched recently in July 2021, it is one of the most popular sports in the country and there will be quite a hype around it during the Pro Kabaddi League season, which is the premier Kabaddi league in the country.

Popularity of Fantasy Sports in India

Long before the emergence of fantasy sports in India, sports consumption was merely restricted to passive entertainment from the comfort of one’s living room. Today, fantasy sports have changed the way fans consume their favorite sport—passive viewers are now active participants and this kind of gaming keeps them at the edge of their seats.

According to a recent report ‘Business of Fantasy Sports’ published by the Federation of Indian Fantasy Sports (FIFS) and KPMG, the gross revenue of fantasy sports operators stood at Rs. ~2,400 crores (US$ 340.47 million) for FY20 compared with Rs. ~920 crores (US$ 131.64 million) in FY19—there has been a 3x increase. The Indian fantasy sports industry is expected to be worth US$ 3.7 billion by 2024, creating a huge opportunity for new entrants. The market has witnessed a 700% increase in the past decade in the number of fantasy sports operators and a 2,500% spike in the number of fantasy sports users.

Earn Real Money by Playing Fantasy Sports Games

Fantasy sports or fantasy games are played for two major reasons, one is pure fun and academic, like playing Fantasy Premier League for a full English football season for FREE, just to show that you are a better manager over a season than your friends. The other is academic with the need to beat others and win money while you are at it.

Daily Fantasy Sports plays a big role in making money for a lot of users across the world and in India. Daily fantasy sports apps concentrate on individual matches in a series or tournament with multiple contests available at different price points. These contests can be major where you can win from lakhs to crores of rupees as prize money or smaller contests where you can play for fun and make a quick buck.

FAQs on Fantasy Sports

What is the Most Popular Fantasy Sport?

The Indian fantasy gaming industry has started to boom in the startup culture. It has been observed that cricket fantasy is more loved in fantasy gaming than any other sport. It’s been followed by football, kabaddi, basketball, and others states the growth analysis of fantasy sports in the country.

Are Fantasy Sports a Type of Betting or Gambling?

Fantasy Sports which are considered as the ‘Game of Skill’ fall in the separate category of Gambling Legislation of the States which exclude games of skill from the scope of gambling. However, we have some exceptions such as Odisha, Telangana & Assam which are still considered in the scope of gambling.

Are Daily Fantasy Sports Legal in India?

Fantasy sports games are legal in India, these games are categorized as the game of skills as it involves skill factors such as knowledge, expertise, judgment, strategy, and understanding.

The law in Assan, Nagaland, Orissa, Sikkim, and Telangana proclaims that any game of mixed chance and skill cannot be played for any real money. Therefore for the residents of these few states Fantasy games are not available for real money.

Is it Safe to Play Fantasy Sports for Real Money?

If you are good at any sport and you are a huge fanatic of the sport then you can think about playing fantasy sports because fantasy sports needs that kind of person. Who can predict the game? One who is following the game for a very long time can make it happen.

It is definitely safe if you have the knowledge of the actual sport whose fantasy game you are pursuing. Also, keep a lookout on apps that are safe to play on like Gamezy and don’t have sharks or scammers. Remembering that you are wagering money on a game of prediction and chance, it is better not to get addicted to it.

How Do You Win Fantasy Sports?

To win in any fantasy sports, initially and most importantly, you need to have:

  • Profound knowledge of that sport. Anyone can have profound knowledge regarding anything if they have a passion for that particular topic or thing.
  • Keep up to date with players, form, and the latest team news.
  • Logical thinking for creating strategies in the match or during the match.
  • How much do professional fantasy players make?
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