Fair Play Policy

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Fair Play Policy

Updated on 3rd May, 2022.

This fair play policy (“Policy”), which forms an integral part of the terms and conditions that govern the use of Gamezy (“Platform”), is intended to ensure that all games played on the Platform adhere to high standards of fairness, competition, skill, and sportsmanship. Accordingly, the Policy sets out mandatory standards of conduct that is expected from users of the Platform (“Users” or “You”) and discloses, without limitation, specific measures implemented to ensure the aforesaid standards on the Platform.

GamesKraft Technologies Pvt. Ltd (hereafter, “GamesKraft”, or “We” or “Us” or “Our”) reserves the right to take necessary actions, determined at its sole discretion, to enforce this Policy on all games occurring on the Platform, and hence Users are advised to read this Policy carefully before using playing a game on the Platform.

  • 1. Fair Play Violations

    1.1 A fair play violation (“Fair Play Violation”) means any activity of a User that violates this Policy, and includes:

    1. activity that uses unfair means to manipulate the outcome of a game on the Platform, irrespective of whether this in favour of the user adopting such means;
    2. activity that is fraudulent, illegal, or unfair activity, as determined by Gameskraft in its sole discretion;
    3. activity that is intended solely to transfer funds from one person to another person, or between distinct sources, thereby amounting to money transferring;
    4. activity that involves collusion between two or more players to achieve a result during a game, thereby amounting to syndicate playing; and
    5. activity that falls under the Prohibited Conduct set out in Clause 2 below.

    1.2 By registering on and using the Platform, Users agree that they will not indulge in any Fair Play Violation, by any means. Any User found guilty of a Fair Play Violation shall be subject to the consequences set out in Clause 3 below.

  • 2. Prohibited Conduct

  • 3. Consequences of Fair Play Violations

  • 4. Redressal for Genuinely Affected Users

  • 5. Security Measures

  • 6. Game Cancellation and Refund Policy