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Online Casual Games

Casual games have become exceedingly popular now. With the involvement of real money online casual games, the fun has doubled and players can earn while playing their favourite games on their smartphones.

In this post, we will see some of the most popular casual games that are full of fun and engaging. Some are single-player games, and some are multiplayer games that one can enjoy with family or friends.

What are Casual Games?

Casual games are special games designed for everyone, irrespective of age or gender. These games target the audience, especially those who are game lovers. Also, these games do not require specific skills to play. They are straightforward to play. Casual games include ludo, snakes & ladders, etc. These games can be played while sitting at home through online mode.

Top Casual Games on Gamezy

Gamezy has introduced a ton of casual games on the app where users can play their favourite games and win money by winning. On the Gamezy app, the popular casual games are:


Ludo is one of the popular games popular among people of all ages. This game is quite engaging and easy to understand. This board game can be played by a maximum of two to four players. To play this game online, one must first download a ludo playing app or register on a gaming website that offers ludo games.

Then the player has to participate in the contest, and the match will be fixed with the opponent. Once a player enters the game, he must choose his pawns and click on the dice to roll them.

Players should always be very careful about their pawns and opponents’ pawns while playing the game. If the player forgets to roll their dice thrice, they will lose the game.

In this game, each pawn has 1 point; if they reach the finishing zone, they will have 56 points. If the pawn captures the opponent’s pawn, it will be rewarded with 7 points, and the captured pawn loses all the points and has to restart the game. Players can also check the points of each pawn by clicking the print button. Players have to Score the highest points to win the game and receive exciting cash rewards.

Snakes and Ladders

It is one of the most fun and interesting Indian games that can be enjoyed by everyone. In this game, players move up or down the board based on the dice number. If the box contains a ladder, the player moved up and if the box contains a snake, the player moves down. The objective of the snakes and ladder game is to reach the last square and whichever player reached it first, wins the game.

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These are the top games that players can enjoy in their free time and can eventually make money by playing them. These interesting games are easy and fun to play. All games are available on the Gamezy platform for free. One can play these casual games anytime for free on their smartphones, laptops, tablets, or desktops.

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