Snakes and Ladders Game

Snakes and Ladders is a traditional Indian board game. Two to four people can play this game simultaneously. They race against each other to reach the top, i.e., 100. It’s a classic game known worldwide. This game has Indian origin. In ancient India, it was known as Moksha Patam. It was taken to the United Kingdom around the 1890s.

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This post will discuss everything about the exciting snakes and ladders board game such as how to play, what are rules to play snake and ladder, what things you need to play this game, and many more.

What is a Snakes & Ladders Board Game?

Snakes & Ladders is a fun board game. It is a fascinating indoor game. You can play this game with anyone, be it your family, friends, or neighbors. It is an old game from India. Two to four players can participate in the game. They have their token to move around the board. It is a game in which players move their tokens from lower numbers to the highest number by overcoming the obstacles between the numbers.

The goal of players competing in the Snakes & Ladders game is to be the first person to get to the last square (marked with 100) on the board. It includes navigating your token from start (1) to finish (100) by overcoming the snakes in between and taking shortcuts by going up with the help of ladders.

Things Needed to Play Snakes & Ladder

  • Snakes & Ladders board.
  • One Dice.
  • Four Tokens.


  • Gamezy App

Snakes and Ladder Game Board

The Snake and Ladder online game board is made up of one hundred marked squares that start. The movement of pawns starts from the bottom left corner and works their way up across a number of ten rows of ten squares. The objective of this game is to become the first player to arrive at the last square, i.e., square 100.

Ladders provide us with a free ride to upper levels across each row of the available ten squares on the gaming field. Several of the ladders are quite tall, while others are slightly shorter. A snake appears on each set of ten square pieces except the bottom set. If a player lands on a snake’s head, they will fall down tracing the snake’s body, leading it to the levels below.

How To Play a Snakes & Ladders Game?

The basics of how to play a snakes and ladders games are:

  • Each person rolls the dice to start the game, and the player with the highest number goes first.
  • The first will roll and dice again, and the person can start the game if the die shows the number 6. Otherwise, the chance will get to the next person.
  • If the person gets number 6 in their first roll, they can start the game.
  • The first person rolls the dice, and whichever number comes, the person will move their token to that number. For example, a person gets the number 5 by rolling the dice. Then the person will move their token to the number 5.
  • All the players will move their tokens from left to right, starting from the number one in the first row and in the next row, you will go from right to left. It will happen alternatively.
  • After the first player plays their chance, the second player will start to play.
  • The exact format will be used for all players.

In Between The Numbers, There Will Be Many Tasks To Perform:

  • First, the Snakes. There are several Snakes present on the game board. If you come on any number with a snake mouth, then you have to move down to the snake’s tail and start your game from that number. It indicates that you are going downward.
  • Second the Ladders, there are several ladders present on the game board. If you come on any number with a ladder’s bottom, you can move up to the end of the Ladder, and then you will start your game from that number. So it indicates that you are going upward.
  • Both the Snakes & Ladders will make your game enjoyable, and you will have fun playing the game.

Rules For Snakes & Ladders Game

Some key snakes and ladders rules are as follows:

1. Who Goes First?

To determine who will go first, each player rolls one dice. Whoever player gets the highest number ( number six) will play first and can unlock the token. The player on the left will follow the turn, and the turn will go clockwise. If two or more players roll the same number, they will roll again to see who will play first.

2. Rules Of The Sixes

If you roll a six in dice, you will have an extra turn to play your chance. So, first, you move your token according to the number six, roll your dice again, and move your token according to whichever number comes.

3. The Rule Of Ladders

The plot of ladders is fascinating in this game. Ladders make the game enjoyable. The rule indicates that if you come on any number with a ladder base, you have to climb up until the end of the Ladder. It will help you become faster. But if you come any on the number with a middle portion of the Ladder, you are not allowed to climb that up. You can only climb up the Ladder from the bottom part of it.

4. The Rule Of Snakes

Snakes make the game very fun to play. However, it can make you lose the game. The snake indicates that if you come on any number with the mouth of the snake, you have to slide down to the snake’s tail. But if you come any with a number with a middle portion of the snake, you don’t need to climb down the snake. This rule is only applied to the mouth of the snake.

5. The Twist Of Bounce Back

This rule is fascinating and challenging. If the roll is too high, the player’s token will bounce off the last square and move back. So, for example, if you are on square 99 and roll the dice, the number that comes in is 4. Then you move your token to 100 and then move your token in the reverse direction till the remaining numbers.

6. The Rule Of Exact Number

It is a challenging rule. This rule indicates that you need to roll the exact number of dice to win this game. For example, if your token stands in 99 numbers, you need the same number 1 in the die to win the game. If the dice roll any number except 1, you cannot move your token.

Snakes & Ladders Offline And Online Game

Offline and online Snakes & Ladders are very similar to play. You can play online game just like you play on board. In offline game, you need the physical board and the dice. In online Snakes & ladders, only an app like Gamezy is needed.

One advantage of playing online Snakes & Ladders on Gamezy is that you can win money while playing at any time and from anywhere. Also, you don’t need another person to play with you. You can enjoy at the comfort of your own space and time. In short, be it online or offline, both options are fantastic for playing Snake & Ladders.

This game is not entirely dependent on the player’s luck.You can enhance your Snakes & Ladders skills by practicing. To win this game, you must climb as many ladders as possible while keeping the tokens from snake bites.

You can play online Snakes and Ladders games on the Gamezy app and even win money online while playing this game.

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FAQs on Snakes and Ladders Game

What do you need to set up the Snakes and Ladders game?

To set up this game, you do not need anything significant. You just simply need three things. One is snakes and a ladder board, the second is dice, and the third is four tokens. This game can be set very quickly without making much effort.

Can you play Snakes & Ladders online?

Yes, you can simply play Snakes & Ladders online. Online Snakes & Ladders is similar to the offline one. You just need to join any online match to play the game.

How long does it take to complete one match of the Snakes and Ladders?

There is no any time limit in this game. This game depends on which number is coming in dice. But if we count in a minute, it can take approx. 15-45 mins, primarily depending on players and their luck.

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