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When playing on Gamezy, the games are categorized under card games and casual games. Under card games, you can play classic games such as Rummy & Poker. Under casual games, Gamezy has a variety of fun and entertaining games such as Super Ludo, Carrom, 8-Ball Pool, Snake, Fruit Slice & more. Super Ludo is the latest addition to casual games on Gamezy.

Started off as a classic board game, Ludo is one of the biggest & most popular games played with a rich history. The origin of the Ludo game dates back to 3300 BC in India, where it was also called ‘pachisi’. Ludo has now evolved into a game that is readily available in every smartphone, and now online ludo can be played between 2-4 players. Online Ludo also allows you to play for coins/ tokens or even real cash!

What is Ludo game?

Ludo is a 2-4 player multiplayer board game, which is also available to be played online. The game involves 4 tokens for each player racing clockwise from start to finish based on the roll of a die. Each player is assigned a home column, where they are safe from other tokens and players.

What are the Rules of Ludo game?

To understand more about how the game is played, here are the rules of Ludo:

Ludo Rules

Before starting the game, make sure that all the pawns/tokens are placed in the corresponding color pocket (Red tokens go to Red space). Then, each player takes turns to roll the die to see who starts first. To start, each player must roll a six. Then you can remove your pawn and start moving. If you roll another six, you have the option to bring another pawn into the game.

In Ludo rules, the game continues until each player has all their respective pawns into the homespace. If you roll the dice and the moves conflict with an opponent’s pawn, then you can capture that pawn and send it out of the board. The opponent must roll a six to bring that pawn back into the game.

The rules of Ludo suggest that the game continues until 3 players have successfully brought their pawns into the homespace by rolling the exact number.

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How to play Ludo online?

If you have a smartphone with the Gamezy application, you can play ludo online. Even though Ludo is played on other platforms for entertainment purposes, on Gamezy, Super Ludo can be played for real cash!

To play Ludo online on Gamezy, you can compete head-to-head with just one more player in a 1v1 battle. One rule of playing ludo online on Gamezy is that if your pawn is killed three times, then you automatically lose the game.

How to Play Ludo and earn money?

Ludo has evolved from being a traditional board game to an online game. Now, you can play online ludo and earn money! Here is how:

  • The player would need to register & download the Gamezy application
  • After signing up, the user would have to Add Cash into their Gamezy wallets.
  • Next, the player would have to choose Super Ludo game and enter a cash game for either Rs.25 or Rs.59 per battle!
  • Then they can start playing the game.
  • When the player wins a game, they will then receive their winnings onto their Gamezy wallets.

Simple right? You can now Play Online Ludo & Earn Money on Gamezy app easily!

What are the tips and strategies for the Ludo game?

Here are some Ludo Tips and Tricks to use:

  • When you get a Six, always open all your pawns.
  • If the moves move you to a safe spot, use it.
  • Capture your opponent’s pawns whenever you can
  • Spread your moves. Don’t stick to just moving one player.

How to Download a Ludo App?

To download Ludo app, here are a few steps to take:

  • Visit and download the apk for the landing page
  • Enter your phone number and receive the app link
  • Once you have received the link, click on Install for it to start installing.
  • After it has finished downloading, click on Open.


How Many Players Can Play Ludo?

2-4 players can play Ludo at the same time. It is mostly played with 4 players for maximum entertainment.

How do I start Ludo?

To start Ludo, you will have to open the Gamezy app & Click on Super Ludo. The game will open and you can choose your battle to start Ludo.

Is Ludo a game of luck or skill?

Ludo is a combination of luck and skill. However, on Gamezy it is a skill-based game as you will already know the outcome of the die beforehand.

What does Ludo mean?

Ludo is a latin term for ‘I Play’. The name was coined by the English who were introduced to the game in India.

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