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How To Play Ludo?

Ludo is the most delightful-loving game of the century. There might infrequently be any person who hasn’t played ludo game. It’s a family board game and is considered a memory among grown-ups. Ludo was created in late Victorian times grounded on the ancient Indian board game pachisi. It’s an easy and simple board game that utmost people love. People who don’t know how to play ludo can learn to play it easily within a few games of playing.

This game’s primary goal is to get all your pawns inside the home in the middle of the board. A person who does this earliest is considered the winner.

Here we will discuss how to play ludo games. You can also enjoy playing ludo online with friends or family on Ludo Culture.


Steps To Play Ludo

Players must follow some steps along with the rules to play this exciting game. So, here are steps showing how to play ludo.

1. Place All The Pawns In The Arms

  • The first step of the game is to choose the arm’s colour and place all the pawns in the arms. Each arm has four circles in which pawns had to be put.
  • The game is started by unlocking the pawns; to unlock the pawns, it is essential to bring six or one on the dice.
  • After unlocking the pawns, they will be placed in rows corresponding to the arms of the same colour pawn. All four pawns will be unlocked like this.
  • The Ludo board game can be played between two to four. It is not crucial that it should have all four players but a minimum of two players are compulsory.

2. Decide Who Will Start The Game

  • It depends on the players to decide who will start the game according to their mutual consent.
  • The game will be played clockwise. Any person can start the game, but then they have to start it every time in all rounds, and chances will also be moved in a clockwise direction throughout the match.

3. Roll The Dice

  • All pawns will be unlocked only after the six and one number over the dice to bring the pawn over the board.
  • After all, pawns are unlocked; it’s time to move them according to the dice number.
  • For example, if the dice got one number, move the pawn for one square space, which will continue throughout the game.

4. During the game

  • While playing the game, every player will get the chance to move the pawn clockwise with the help of the number on the dice.
  • Every player will move the pawn according to the number on the dice, and while playing the game, they can stop others from moving forward.
  • If any pawn lands over another player’s pawn, then that pawn over which it is landed has to start the game again from its house, which can stop the opponent player’s speed.
  • Every player has to land over the other player at least once to get into the house to win.

5. Capture The Pawns

  • During the game, keep an eye on every opponent’s pawn to get land over them playing the game.
  • It is also required to figure out whether others are getting the chance to land over your pawn and have to play accordingly to avoid such problems.
  • The game’s main aim is reaching the home in the middle with four pawns without being caught by another pawn.

6. Use Blocks As Barriers

  • When any pawns land over a pawn of the same color, it creates the block, and this block can help generate the restriction to prevent other pawns from getting landed.
  • But once the block is created, it can only be unblocked after the player gets six numbers on the dice and if the player wants to unlock that block. Otherwise, the player cannot use these pawns in the game.

7. Finally, Reaching The Home

  • Once a player completes the rounds on the board with all four pawns and lands over at least one opponent’s pawn, the player becomes eligible to enter the home. The player will be considered as the winner if he is the first to join all four pawns inside the house.
  • But before reaching the house, there is a house stretch through which players have to go through to enter the house. To pass this stretch, a player has to bring an adequate number after every chance to pass this stretch.
  • For example, if the player had four blocks in front of him in the house stretch, he had to get 4,3, 2, or 1 to move in the stretch. Or if the player had 3 square blocks in front of him, he had to bring 2 or 1 to reach home. Here, the 6 number is useless because the player can’t move their pawn with the 6 number.
  • But reaching with one pawn will not let you win the game. All four game pawns need to reach home in the middle without getting landed by another pawn to win the game.
  • Any player who reaches all four pawns in the home before any other player then he or they will become the winner of the game.

Important Rules To Follow to Play Ludo Board Game

Some of the key ludo rules are as follows:

  • Ludo board is divided with the squares into four arms (where the pawns are placed) in the corner of different colors. Each arm has three rows of small squares to its corresponding.
  • All Four players move in clockwise order on the board during the game.
  • Any player can start the game by rolling the dice. The other three players will do the same one by one. But once they start, players must follow the same pattern of rolling dice throughout the match. So, it cannot be changed after the first time the dice are rolled by all players(completion of one round).
  • If any player misses the turn to roll dice, it will be passed to the next player, and he will get a chance in the next round.
  • To bring a pawn out of the arm or unlock it, it is necessary to bring six or one on dice. This method applies to all four pawns of all players.
  • A player who gets 6 will get another chance to roll the dice.
  • If any pawn landed on the other pawn of another player, then the former pawn will be locked in arms and has to restart its game, and the pawn who landed will get another chance as a reward.
  • If any pawn gets landed on a similar colour, it will make the block, and it can only open with six numbers on dice. Block can be helpful to prevent others from landing on the pawn.

Equipment used in playing Ludo

  • Ludo Game is the Board Game where the pattern is in Cross Shape Made With Multiple squares and divides the board into four arms of different colors. There are three straight lines of squares corresponding to the arms. One big square is in the middle, which is considered home, and it’s divided into four sectors of different colors.
  • These colors are red, green, blue, and yellow. Each player’s four pawns had to be placed in these arms, and each arm had one corresponding square to its colour in which the pawn is established when unlocked.
  • There is one board, dice, and 16 pawns. First, every player has to choose one of the arms out of four colors. Then, after selecting the arms, they have to move all the pawns one by one to the whole board and reach home to win the game.

Players goal while playing Ludo game

Ludo is a game that is played among four players. These four players move clockwise to reach home without being caught by the other opponent.

The ultimate goal of this game is to reach home with all four pawns. But here is the trick every player needs to land at least once over the other player’s pawn to unlock the road of the house. Otherwise, it will not be able to enter the home stretch to enter the home.

It is the complete guide for “How to play LUDO,” which has been popular throughout the century. Every person should play this game in life. It is a board game available in any store or online market.

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FAQ on How to Play Ludo

What is Ludo Called in America?

In America, ludo is called parchisi, it is the same game as ludo, but its board is different from ludo. It is a century-old game that is played among children.

What Happens if You Get 3 Six in Ludo?

No player is allowed to use 3 six in the game; if any person got 3 six in the game, then his chance will be passed to the next player, as he cannot move any pawn.

How Do You Play Ludo With Your Family?

To play ludo with a family, choose the four players and then decide who will take what arms in the game; then, turn by turn, everyone will roll the dice to get six for unlocking the pawn. After unlocking all pawns, all will get into the race of winning the game by reaching the home in the middle.

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