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Last Updated on 5th May, 2023.

Gamezy is an online gaming platform offered by Gameskraft Technologies Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Gameskraft”, or “We” or “Us” or “Our”). Gamezy, through its website and related mobile applications (together referred to as “Platform”), offers a wide variety of online board games, card games, sports-based fantasy games, and other skill-based games. These Terms of Service for Gamezy (“Terms”) along with Gamezy’s Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”), and the Fair Play Policy (“ Fair Play Policy), govern the relationship between the users (“You”) and Us. The Terms, Privacy Policy, the Fair Play Policy, and the cumulative set of Game Rules (together “Platform Policies”) form a binding legal agreement between You and GamesKraft, on the basis of which You may visit, access, or use the Platform and related services offered by Us (“Services”).

Your use of the Services indicates Your acceptance of the Platform Policies and hence You are advised to read the Terms carefully before using Our Services.

We reserve the right to periodically review, update, or otherwise modify any part of the Platform Policies at Our sole and absolute discretion, and accordingly, You are advised to keep Yourself updated on the latest Platform Policies. We will provide you with notice of any modification to the Terms, and Your continued access and use of the Services after such notification shall constitute consent to the modified Platform Policies.

If You do not accept any part of the Platform Policies or any subsequent modification therein, You must stop accessing or using Our Services.

To use the Services and play on the Platform, You must register with Us and consent to the Platform Policies. You can register with Us here.

In the event where one or more of the terms hereunder are determined to be invalid or unlawful for any reason, by a competent judicial or quasi-judicial authority in India, the validity or enforceability of the remaining terms will not be affected and the same will be valid and binding on You and all other users.

  • 1. Definitions:

    1.1 “Activity” shall mean a users’ participation in the Games organized by Us.

    1.2 “Applicable Law (s)” means all applicable statutes, enactments, laws, ordinances, treaties, conventions, protocols, bye-laws, rules, regulations, guidelines, notifications, notices, and/ or judgments, decrees, injunctions, writs or orders, instructions, decisions of any court or and awards or other requirements or official directives of any governmental authority, in any jurisdiction, as may be applicable to the relevant person.

    1.3 “Bank Account” means a financial account maintained with a Banking Company or a financial institution and shall include a wallet maintained with an entity authorized by Reserve Bank of India.

    1.4 “Banking Company” shall mean a banking company as defined under section 5(c) of the Banking Regulation Act, 1949.

    1.5 “Barred States” shall mean any state in the territory of India where online gaming has been prohibited under Applicable Laws.

    1.6 “Extra Cash” means the incentive provided by Gameskraft, at its discretion, as a part of promotional offering that is first attributable against the Service Fee charged by the Company for a particular Cash Game.

    1.7 “Bonus Segment” shall mean the segment of the Gamezy Account to which bonus provided by Gameskraft and any amount under any other promotional offer on the Platform are credited.

    1.8 “Cash Games” are Games that involve a financial stake placed by the participants on the outcome of the Game.

    1.9 “Communication Feature” shall mean the in-game features that enable users to interact with each other during a Game.

    1.10 “Contest” shall have the meaning ascribed to it under Clause 5.2.

    1.11 “Deposit Segment” shall mean the segment of the Gamezy Account to which the money deposited by the User is credited.

    1.12 “Discounts” shall include any bonus, instant cash, Extra Cash, prizes or any other incentives (either variable or fixed) that may be provided by Gameskraft, at its discretion, as a part of promotional offering that is adjusted against the Service Fee chargeable from the User in such manner as may be prescribed under Clauses 9 and 10 of these Terms (as may be applicable) .

    1.13 “Game(s)” shall mean the various online board games, card games, sports-based fantasy games and other skill-based games offered on the Platform, and shall include the various formats available through Our Services, as described in Clause 5.1.

    1.14 “Platform” shall mean the Gamezy website and related mobile applications on which online board games, card games, sports-based fantasy games, and other skill-based games are made available to users.

    1.15 “Platform Policies” shall mean the Terms, Privacy Policy, the Fair Play Policy of Gamezy, and the cumulative set of Game Rules for each Game available on Gamezy.

    1.16 “Poker Segment” shall mean the segment of the Gamezy Account relevant to Poker Games, to which: (i) users may transfer the funds for the purpose of playing the Poker Games, and (ii) winnings from Poker Games are credited.

    1.17 “Gamezy Account” shall mean the user account maintained by a user with GamesKraft, to play Games on the Platform, consisting of the Deposit Segment, Winnings Segment, Discount Segment, and Poker Segment.

    1.18 “Refund” shall mean the reversal of the charges paid by a user to play a game, to such user’s Gamezy Account.

    1.19 “Service Fee” shall mean the fee charged by Gameskraft to a user on every gameplay. The term “Commission” or “Platform Fee” can be used interchangeably with “Service Fee” and shall have the same meaning as assigned to “Service Fee”.

    1.20 “Terms” shall mean this Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy of Gamezy.

    1.21 “Winnings Segment” shall mean the segment of the Gamezy Account to which the winnings of users from the Games are credited, less the applicable Service Fees and other levies/deductions. It is clarified that winnings from Poker Games are not directly credited to the Winnings Segment, but instead to the Poker Segment.

    1.22 “Withdrawable Balance” shall mean the amount in the Winnings Segment and the Deposit Segment.

    1.23 “Withdrawal” shall mean the transfer of all or part of the Withdrawable Balance to a designated Bank Account, upon specific instructions by the user to GamesKraft to initiate such transfer.

    1.24 “Withdrawal Request” shall mean a request by the User to initiate Withdrawal.

    1.25 “Withdrawal Segment” shall mean the segment of the Gamezy Account to which the winnings of a User from the Cash Games are credited, less the applicable Service Fees.

  • 2. Who may use Our Services:

  • 3. How can You access and/or use the Service:

  • 4. User Identity:

  • 5. Game Formats and Rules:

  • 6. Restrictions on the use of Our Services:

  • 7. Deposit, Payment, Refund, and Cancellation:

  • 8. KYC Verification:

  • 9. Discount and Prize:

  • 10. Service Fees and Taxes:

  • 11. Termination, Suspension, and Opt-out:

  • 12. Your Representations and Warranties:

  • 13. Content & Advertisements:

  • 14. Disclaimer & Indemnity & Limitation of Liability:

  • 15. Intellectual Property Rights:

  • 16. Complaints and Disputes:

  • 17. Governing Law, Dispute Resolution & Jurisdiction:

  • 18. Responsible Gaming

Season Pass Terms and Conditions

  • This Season Pass is a special discount pass offered to you by Gameskraft Technologies Private Limited, which gives you access to mega Contests at discounted rates compared to the usual mega contest price. You can choose between the single entry pass and the multi-entry pass. The discount offered through the Season Pass may vary from user to user and the discount offered shall be at the sole discretion of Gameskraft.
  • This Season pass is open to all users of Gamezy.
  • The Season Pass can only be used only to participate in fantasy cricket matches on the Gamezy App.
  • This Season Pass cannot be clubbed with any other bonus or Extra Cash offers running on Gamezy.
  • In the event any of the matches are canceled/abandoned,Gamezy may at its sole discretion, refund the amount paid for the Season Pass.A Season Pass shall be valid from the date on which the Season Pass is bought by a user, in case the date of purchase is after the season has started. For cases wherein the Season Pass is bought by User prior to the start of the season, the validity shall be calculated in accordance with the below:
    Series Start Date - Season Pass Buy Date + Actual Validity = (26th March -23rd March) +7 days validity = 10 days
    This is to ensure that users who buy early are able to compete in the matches.
  • The Season Pass can be used to join the mega contests as soon as the match is open on the Gamezy App .
  • We have the right to restrict the number of teams that are allowed in a particular mega contest.
  • The amount that a user may win after joining a contest with a Season Pass will depend on the number of users participating in the contest.
  • All winnings will be subject to applicable taxes.
  • Gamezy calculates commission basis the number of teams which have joined and the prize pool. The below numerical example is only indicative and is being reproduced for ease of reference. The actual commission may vary depending on the facts of each game:
    Joining Price for the mega (Effective Price) Rs 49
    Total Prize Pool (P) Rs 10000
    Actual team participation (A) Rs 250
    Actual buyin (B) = A * Effective price Rs 12250
    Commission (C) = B - P Rs 2250
    Commission per Team (CpT) = C / A Rs 9
  • Terms of Service shall apply for all the services offered on the Gamezy app.
  • The user of the Season Pass agrees that any discount offered by Gamezy would be released firstly as a discount against the commission fee. Further the user agrees that Gamezy may permit the usage of discounts to exceed the commission fees charged from the players at the sole discretion of Gamezy.
  • Below are the indicative Season passes which may change as per the season :

    Season Pass Type Original Price Discounted Price Discount
    3 Match Single Entry Pass 147 130 17
    3 Match Multi Entry Pass 441 375 66
    7 Match Multi Entry Pass 1029 825 204
    5 Match Single Entry Pass 245 215 30
    5 Match Multi Entry Pass 735 599 136
    15 Match Multi Entry Pass 2205 1699 506
    Monthly Multi Entry Pass 4410 3199 1211
    Unlimited Season Pass 8820 5555 3265

Gamezy Grievance Officer

The Grievance Officer Details are provided below:
Name: Mr Yugansh Goyal
Designation: Grievance Officer
Email address: grievance.officer@gamezy.com