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Fantasy Kabaddi

Fantasy kabaddi is one of the popular fantasy games which has become highly popular in recent years. The game of kabaddi is very popular among the masses in India, especially in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, it is 3rd only to Cricket and Football. The rules of the kabaddi fantasy league are the same as the actual Pro Kabaddi games that are played.


What is Fantasy Kabaddi?

Fantasy kabaddi is the popular online game version of the actual Pro Kabaddi games. It is similar to any other fantasy games like Cricket and Football that are played in India. Players have to invest in their favourite kabaddi pros from a real-world match online and make a team. The team then earns points based on real kabaddi rules and eventually the highest point earner wins. Fantasy Kabaddi can be played for Real Money as well.

Why Play Online Fantasy Kabaddi?

Playing fantasy kabaddi online has various advantages like:

  • Get closer to the real game by playing fantasy kabaddi
  • Earn real money based on your knowledge of the game
  • Compete with real-world players and show off your skills
  • Learn a new game other than cricket and football

Play Pro Kabaddi Fantasy League Games and Win Real Money!

The fantasy league based on Pro Kabaddi games are very similar to how we have fantasy games for the Indian T20 League in cricket. The game follows the rules similar to Pro Kabaddi games and points are allocated on the basis of that. You need to have a clear understanding of what each player in a certain position does in Pro Kabaddi games, so you will know who to pick for more points. The more points you earn increases your chances of winning Mega Leagues and contests on fantasy apps like Gamezy and winning you real money.

Best Fantasy Kabaddi App

One of the best apps to play fantasy kabaddi is Gamezy. Click the links below to download the Fantasy kabaddi app for Android and iOS.

Why is Gamezy the Best Daily Kabaddi Fantasy App?

  • Ease of use, one of the finest user-friendly apps on the market
  • Quick sign up, with the best bonuses and rewards that you can use in fantasy games
  • Big prize money during the Pro Kabaddi season
  • Quick withdrawals, so you can play more games with the money you win
  • No sharks or bots in the game, all real-world players

Point System in Fantasy Kabaddi Games on Gamezy

Just like other fantasy sports games, in Kabaddi also points are awarded based on what the players do in a real-world match. You get positive points for Successful Raids, Successful Tackles and also lose points for yellow cards, red cards and fouls. Check the fantasy kabaddi points system on Gamezy in detail here.

How to Play Pro Fantasy Kabaddi Games Online on Gamezy?

The Pro Kabaddi Games Fantasy league is easy to play on Gamezy, with these simple steps:

  • Download the Gamezy app
  • Sign up and earn an immediate bonus to play games
  • Go to the Fantasy Sports section on the app
  • There will be three tabs: Cricket, Football, Kabaddi
  • Choose Kabaddi > Choose the match you want to play
  • Hit the Create team button > Choose the players you want to play in your team
  • Once your team is ready, select a captain and vice-captain
  • Now you can enter any of the available contests with the team you have created
  • Once you have created a team and entered a contest, you can either make more teams to enter more contests or simply wait for the results and your winnings once the match has ended.

Fantasy Kabaddi Rules

Fantasy Kabaddi rules are the same as Pro Kabaddi game rules, here are a few things to remember:

  • A raid is only valid if the raider crosses the baulk line with at least one foot while the other foot is in the air.
  • Before entering the opposing court, the raider must keep uttering “kabaddi” and can only stop once he returns back to his court. If he pauses momentarily, the raider is to get back to his own court without scoring any points.
  • Empty raids are the ones in which the raider returns to his court without earning any points. After two successive empty raids, the attacking team has to make a “do-or-die” raid, where if they fail to score a point, the defending team earns a point.
  • Bonus Line: The bonus line is only active when the defending team has at least 6-7 players. If the raider manages to cross the bonus line in a raid, he will earn an extra point.
  • All Out: If all the players of a team are tagged out, then the opposing team earns two extra points.
  • Super Tackle or Catch: If the defending team manages to get hold of the raider with less than four defenders, then it is called a super tackle and the defending team earns an extra point.

Fantasy Kabaddi Tips: How to Be a Pro Fantasy Kabaddi Player?

Top tips to win fantasy kabaddi daily are:

  • Assess match conditions, much like cricket
  • Study about the teams and how they match up against each other
  • Note current form and previous results
  • Select your captain and vice-captain wisely
  • Keep tabs on the best raider, defender and other positions in a team
  • Before a match, keep an eye on the team news, injury lists; etc.
  • Check which player can earn you more bonus points.

Final Tip: Follow Fantasy Kabaddi News

Keep up to date with the latest news on teams, players and injuries with Gamezy’s fantasy kabaddi news blogs. Know more about new contests and prize money for playing Pro Fantasy Kabaddi only on Gamezy. Get tips and tricks to build the best teams to win in Fantasy Kabaddi.

FAQs on Fantasy Kabaddi

What is Fantasy Kabaddi?

Fantasy Kabaddi is an online game based on the Pro Kabaddi games and rules. Here players can invest in a fantasy team with their favourite players, who will earn them points on the basis of real world games and win them real money.

How to Play Fantasy Kabaddi Online?

Download the Gamezy app and head to the Fantasy section. Choose Kabaddi and play from your favourite matches, in high value and reward contests.

Is there Fantasy Kabaddi on Gamezy?

Yes, there is fantasy kabaddi on Gamezy, which will be available for all Pro Kabaddi games. You can win real money by playing on Gamezy.

Can I Win Money Playing Pro Fantasy Kabaddi League Games?

Yes, by choosing the best possible players and big money contests on Gamezy you can win while playing Fantasy League for Pro Kabaddi Games.

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