Snakes and Ladders Types and Variations

Snakes and ladders is a fun-to-play game and a lot of variations have come up to make it more interesting. Here, some of the popular variants of the snake and ladder game are mentioned along with their details.

Types of Snakes and Ladders Game

The popular snakes and ladders game variations are:

Faster Victory Rule

The trick of landing exactly on the final square makes the game more interesting. This gives chances for other players to catch up. However, it can also make the game last longer. Instead, players can let other players roll higher than they require to reach 100.

For adding extra excitement, when a player passes or reaches 100, give each other player one turn for trying to win over others. If a player would end up higher (such as 105 instead of 102), that player wins. Two or more players can tie and win together this way if they end up on the same square.

Include Two Game Pieces

Give players the chance to play with two game pieces, each with the same colour to avoid confusion. When the player rolls the die, he can move one of the two pieces by that number. The player is required to have both of the pieces to reach the last square for winning the game.

Compete With the Opponents

In this variation, every player starts on square one. To get the turn, he rolls two dice in place of one. Then he picks up one die and moves the piece forward by that amount. With the remaining die, he can move another player’s game piece forward with the help of the number on that die. 

For a much “nasty” variation and a longer game, whenever a player lands particularly on the same square as another game piece, the piece which was already there moves way back to the starting and has to roll again in order to get on the board.

Add Some Learning in the Game

Creating one’s Snakes and Ladders set is very easy, as explained in the tips. One can add their touch by writing words, confusing questions, and other materials related to education in some or all of the squares. Some of the ideas are mentioned below:

  • For the children who are learning to read, we can write a simple word in each square. When he moves his piece, he speaks out every word he passes through.
  • We can use the snakes and ladders for teaching good ideas and discourage bad ones. For instance, a ladder could travel from “I completed my homework”, to “I got good marks”. A chute or snake could go from “I didn’t respect my elders”, to “My stomach feels low”.
  • A babysitter can also use this board game to keep the kids occupied. It will create excitement among kids.

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