How to Play Snakes and Ladders Board Game Online?

Snakes and ladder is yet another game that fills us all with a sense of nostalgia and brings back all the memories from our childhood. As a child, we all played the game of snake and ladder with a lot of zeal and passion. It is an extremely easy game that even children of a few years of age can understand how to play the Snakes and ladders game. But this doesn’t make this game to be enjoyed only by kids. It is equally enjoyed by older kids as well as grown-ups. It is one of those games that can heighten the fun of a small get-together and bring in all the fun.

The game of Snakes and Ladders has captivated children for generations and has undergone several name variations over the years. The game has almost remained unchanged throughout this time, despite being marketed as Chutes and Ladders in the US, and Snakes and Arrows in the Indian region.

Play Snake & Ladders Online Game

Playing the game of snakes and ladder online is almost identical to playing the game on an actual board. It is a great idea to play the game online in order to stay in touch with your friends and indulge in a fun little activity with them without actually having to leave the comfort of your house.

Follow these instructions in order to play the snake and ladders game efficiently:

  • Each player participating in the snakes and ladder online game has to start from an initiation point which is labelled as “start”.
  • Every player has to take turns, one by one, in order to roll the dice.
  • The first player that gets a six on the dice gets to open their piece forward on the board in accordance with the digits that land on the dice thereon.
  • The movement of your pawn piece is then decided by the presence of a ladder or a snake on the square that you land on.
  • If the square has a ladder you climb up that ladder and place your pawn piece onto the square columns where the ladder leaves you.
  • While progressing in the game you will realise the presence of the head of snakes present on various square columns throughout the board. In any circumstances, if you land on a square having the head of a snake, you need to trace the path where your snake leads you to. This involves backward movement of your pawn and proves to be disadvantages for you in the game.
  • All the players continue the game and the cycle of climbing the ladder and getting bitten by the snake is carried out until one of the players reaches the end point on the snake and ladder game board.
  • The first player to reach the end point is considered the winner for that game.
  • The game does not stop here. As all the players continue to play the game until only the last two players are left.
  • When one of these players reaches the end goal, the other one loses and stands the last position in the concerned game.


You must reach the highest number of 100 before any other players can win the game. Therefore, you need to get an exact number to reach 100. For example, if you are standing on number 99, you need to get the number 1 on the dice. If number 1 does not come, you cannot move your token any further.

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