Online Indian Games

Online Indian Games

Online Indian games have been on the rise in the past few years. The power of the internet has spread all across the world and so has the ease to access it. These days, every household has at least one, if not many, gadgets that help us in obtaining various online services to facilitate our day to day lives. And the internet does not only provide us with services but it also plays a vital role in our amusement and entertainment.

Recently, online gaming platforms have emerged as a great source of relaxation and re-creation. These platforms are explored by people of various different age groups, alike. These are a great source of entertainment for the players and a convenient way to stay in touch with your friends via playing online games. Fantasy gaming and winning cash rewards have further popularised the genre of online gaming.

Online Gaming Platforms in India

There are numerous online gaming platforms available to the users in India. Many of these platforms or applications are made in India itself. Games like rummy, ludo, carom, pool, cricket, etc. with varying difficulty levels are offered to the audience for trying out. This offers multiple options to each and every user to select the game and play the game that pleases them.

Games Available Online in India

In the Indian online gaming market, the games of fantasy football and cricket are the most popular among the younger generations. These games provide the audience with the satisfaction of having their own team with star players, play on the field and score points.

Board games is yet another category of online games that are popular amongst various different age groups, alike. These games are played by youngsters, teenagers as well as the older generations for pleasure and amusement. These games are very easy to understand and execute.

There are various games suitable for all the gender groups and game-type priority. There are various online games that also help in cognitive and educational development such as the rummy game available on the Gamezy app which helps develop cognitive skills. Learn more about the benefits of rummy game here.

Rewards and Prizes in Indian Online Games

The Gamezy app provides an edge over all the other online gaming platforms as it is one of the most convenient ways to earn money and play your favourite games side-by-side.

You can have unlimited earnings and foolproof transactions on this application. The more you play the more you earn. Cash prizes are also earned via giving reference codes and links to your friends and family. Added benefits are there if you happen to be a game influencer as you can earn lakhs of rupees whenever your followers play on the Gamezy app.

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Top Indian Games Online

The top online Indian games are:


This game of rummy leads the way for a conventional rummy card game that has been played in every Indian household since ages. The game of rummy on the Gamezy app offers play deals along with pool and play deals, and an opportunity to earn real money.


The game of Ludo is one of the most popular and common board games played across the globe. It is a multiplayer game aimed at bringing all the coloured pawns belonging to you at home before your opposing player is able to do so. Playing this game can help you win multiple rewards. You can also win extra lives on dismissing your opponents pawns.


The game of carrom is yet another classic example of a board game that has now become extremely popular online. In this game, you need to port all your coins in order to win. The player that shoots down the Queen coin gets an extra leverage. The game provides an opportunity of playing with real people across the platform and doing cash prizes.

Snakes and Ladders

The game of snakes and ladder is another extremely popular game which has been a highlight of almost every kid’s childhood. The online version of snake and ladder provides an opportunity to people with all age groups to indulge themselves in this classic board game along with a twist. 

The idea behind this is to climb the ladders while at the same time avoid getting bitten by a snake. A bite from the snake can lead you from 99, directly near the spot where you started. This game is purely based on your luck after rolling over the dice.


The game of pool is considered one of the most popular games to be played on the digital platforms across various websites. It is also extremely popular on the Gamezy app as thousands of users log in to play the game of pool on a regular basis.

The 8 ball pool is a widely played game in order to win real time money. It gives you the satisfaction of a real game on a pool table between multiple players at once. The idea is to pocket all the striped and solid balls before your opposition player gets to do so. This is followed by pocketing the 8 ball also called the Black ball.

Run Boy Run

The game of run boy run is one of its kind, 3D running game, which consists of a limitless run as you control your playing avatar to run across the playing field, save itself from possible dangers and collect all the coins on its way in order to gain the extra mileage in the given amount of time. The more you run the more coins you are able to collect. It is a great game for adrenaline junkies and people who like speed-oriented video games.


The game of cricket is undoubtedly one of the most popular games in the world right now. Be it real time cricket on a live field or fantasy cricket on the video games platform, it always catches the eye of a cricketing enthusiast.

The game of cricket on the Gamezy app gives you the ability to hit huge shots of sixes and fours at the power of one single swipe. The more runs you are able to score in two overs, as compared to your opponent, the bigger are your chances of winning real money. It is an extremely fun game providing a good taste of various bowling deliveries including googlies and yorkers.

Fantasy Sports

The fantasy sports on the Gamezy app make your dream of ownership over a cricket or football team come true. The teams consist of all the star players making sure that the chances of your team winning and earning maximum points are increased. The more points or team is able to earn, the more cash awards you receive. Their unique platforms like 2nd innings and Live Fantasy provide the user with a one of its kind experience of fantasy cricket and football.

Fruits Slice

The game of fruit slice is yet another speed-junkie game which is extremely fun for people of different age groups including younger kids. It is quite fun to be able to slice onto fruits that appear on the screens of our mobile phones or tablets using just one single stroke of your finger.

The more fruits you slice the more points you are able to earn according to the definitive points assigned to various fruits. The idea is to avoid slicing on the bombs, that appear every now and then on the screen, as they may make you lose the game.

Sheep Fight

The game of sheep fight is a must for young kids as it is an amalgamation of fun and maths in a gaming platform. It is an extremely simple yet engaging game that involves dropping your heavy sheep in the most suitable lanes and killing your rival sheep using the strength of your sheep. The more is the weight of your sheep the more they will be able to surpass the rival ship.

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