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Best Bowlers in Cricket History – Top Spinners, Pacers and Wicket-Takers

Best Bowlers of all Time in Cricket

One of the most common sayings today is that cricket has become a batsman’s game. Batsmen have had the advantage owing to easier fielding rules and stricter bowling rules, coupled with larger bats and smaller boundaries. However, that hasn’t stopped the bowlers from having their say on a pitch that suits their ability.

The best bowlers have been able to dig in deep and pick up wickets no matter what the situation and have played crucial roles in getting their teams’ important victories.

Top Bowlers Ever in Cricket

The 6 best bowlers ever in cricket history are:

  • Muttiah Muralitharan
  • Shane Warne
  • Wasim Akram
  • Jim Laker
  • Anil Kumble
  • Courtney Walsh

1. Muttiah Muralitharan

One of the greatest bowlers the world has ever seen, Muralitharan used to bowl with guile and crafty spin, leaving the opposition batsmen in a tizzy. His off-breaks and legendary doosra have resulted in close to 800+ wickets in his international career, making him the highest wicket-taker of all time for his team and in international cricket’s history.

2. Shane Warne

No discussion on the greatest bowler of all time is complete without a mention of this legendary and colourful Australian spinner. Warne was known for bowling some of the greatest deliveries of all-time, and even is the recipient of the “ball of the century”. His ability to spin the ball in crazy proportions means that he would always be regarded as one of the best spinners of all time.

3. Wasim Akram

The King of Swing from Pakistan was the greatest exponent of the yorker delivery. This is one of the hardest skills to execute but Akram used to pull it off with scary consistency. Wasim Akram was also one of the best swing bowlers and his wickets at the top of the order meant he went down as one of the greatest to ever do it.

4. Jim Laker

Jim Laker holds an incredible record that has only been beaten by the next man on this list. He took 10 wickets in an innings once and ended up with 19 wickets in one match! He was a consistent performer for England and won them plenty of games over the years.

5. Anil Kumble

India’s greatest ever spinner and one of the only Indians on this list, Anil Kumble was a wily bowler who used his height to his advantage. He would bowl not just spin, but mix it up with a lot of speed that would bamboozle batsmen at all times. He ended up with 600+ wickets, going on to become the country’s highest wicket-taker.

6. Courtney Walsh

The big West Indian was always going to find a place here and he was the spearhead of a fearsome West Indian attack that took the world by storm for close to a decade. He ended up playing a long career of nearly 17 years before retiring.

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