Tips to Earn Money From Cricket Online

Making money via fantasy cricket online is a skill that requires tactical ability to read a team and to be able to build them. By building a strong team on the fantasy app, you’ll be able to strengthen your squad and make sure your players are getting you the points you need to accumulate towards winning the game.

Earning money on apps such as Gamezy has become easier owing to the vast amount of knowledge meted out by different players from across the country and over the world.

How to Earn Money by Playing Online Fantasy Cricket?

You’ve to create an account on these apps so that you are validated and ready to play. Once you register your team and also enter different tournaments available. It becomes easier to win when you enter multiple tournaments to maximize your chances of earning more money in the process. You must also register so that you can enter the account on which the money will be sent in case you win.

After registering on the fantasy cricket app, pick your team carefully based on previous trends as well as the current form and ability of players. You will need a sound knowledge of the various abilities of the players in the team, and these apps will generally showcase their usefulness by telling you how many other people in the app have picked these players. An in-depth analysis of the various points is provided with varying costs based on their strengths and weaknesses and you can pick the team based on that.

You must always try to work with different permutations and combinations in order to get the best results for the teams that you’re playing with.

There are many matches that happen simultaneously, so you have to pick a team based on which real-life fixtures you’d like to play with. Watching these games gives you an extra edge as you can see them in action and improve your judgement as to whether you’ll be able to work with them or not over the course of a particular series or tournament.

Choosing a Money Based Tournament

There are many different tournaments available on apps such as Gamezy and you can maximize your chances by entering all of them. Make sure you get a good balance of players because if one doesn’t perform, at least you’ll have the others to back you up and get you the best results for your team. You need to pick a team that has a good mix of players as there might be instances when certain players don’t perform.

Pick a captain and vice-captain accordingly because they will get you double to 1.5x the points compared to the other players. You can check out more fantasy cricket tips here and maximize your chance of winning every day.

Download Gamezy and play fantasy cricket online and get to work with some of the best in the business as you earn and win more!


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