How to Earn Money in Gamezy

Making money via online fantasy cricket is one of the more popular ways cricket lovers have been able to make their love for the game get them paid. There are plenty of cricketing apps available nowadays which make it easier to choose a good team for fantasy cricket and get paid in the process. Earning money in Gamezy is an easy process if you follow the right tips and tricks, and invest properly in your team.

How Can I Make Money in Gamezy?

You’ve to first make an account on the Gamezy app or website. This will allow you to register your teams and also be eligible to begin playing in the different tournaments that come up. By doing so, it becomes easier for you to work with some of the best players and compete so you stand a chance of winning as well.

After you’re done registering, you must pick your team. Picking a team requires a sound knowledge of the different abilities of the players involved and they will be able to get you the points you require. We provide in-depth analysis of the different points and costs for each player, so you can pick a team easily. It is important that you constantly keep trying out different permutations and combinations till you find a team that works to the best of your ability.

As there are plenty of matches happening simultaneously at the same time, it is important that you’re able to get the best insights on these games at the same time. It will help if you watch the games as these players are able to contribute even while fielding and can get you the points even in this regard. You must place your bets smartly among the different tournaments so that you’re never running the risk of losing out on a good tournament whenever needed.

Choosing a Tournament Based on Reward Money

There are plenty of tournaments available on the Gamezy app with which you’ll be able to work with multiple contests at the same time. This maximizes your chances of winning money, making it easier for you to earn well and get the right sort of balance as well, as you keep trying out various teams. It is important that you pick a team that has a good mix of players as there might be instances when a certain player might not perform.

Also, pick your captain and vice-captain wisely because they will get you more points than the other players. Once you’ve picked your team, you will be able to earn money after your players score points for you. The more points they get you, the higher are your chances of earning more money through the course of a tournament.

Download the Gamezy app and get into the groove with some of the best online fantasy cricket available in India. Pick your team and stand a chance to win money and other exciting giveaways!


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