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How To Make Your Own Fantasy Cricket Team?

How To Make Your Own Fantasy Cricket Team?

Fantasy cricket has taken India by storm over the last few years, with the likes of Gamezy and other apps, you are now able to make good winnings. Creating a fantasy team requires some bit of knowledge so that you are able to get the most out of your team. These are players whose performances in real matches correspond to their points in the fantasy cricket game.

How to Make a Perfect Fantast Cricket Team?

There are plenty of ways in which you can create your team but the base of it is that you’ll need to work with XI players, consisting mainly of a minimum of 3 batsmen, 3 bowlers, 1 all-rounder, and 1 wicket-keeper. After that, you can pick a combo of any permutation of bowlers and batsmen to complete your team and start playing.

It is important that you understand the vagaries that go into picking your team because they are the ones who will end up giving you the points with which you can win money.

Understand the Role of Each Player in Your Fantasy Team

Ideally, each player must be able to contribute enough in the overall setup of the team so that they give you the maximum number of points. Batsmen must be selected if they are at the top of the order because it is there when they can contribute the most with their batting ability. The higher the batsman is in the order, the better are your chances of getting him to score.

Also, you must keep an eye on the overall performance of the player over the last few games because the form is an important factor that goes into a player’s confidence and ability. Make sure you’re looking at their last few games so that you can always back them up with less to worry about.

As far as bowlers are concerned, pick those who have wicket-taking ability than containing ability. This is because while they get carted for runs, the wickets they take carry a lot of weight in the team. The likes of Yuzvendra Chahal can get hit for a few sixes but he does pick at least 2 wickets in a game, thus giving you a higher chance of scoring more points.

All-rounders are a bit tricky because they more often than not, play at the middle of the batting order. Make sure these all-rounders are able to contribute more with the ball because that’s where their ability comes into play. Big-hitting all-rounders like Andre Russell buck this trend and can contribute with both ends, so keep that in mind as well.

Wicket-keepers can play a key role because they can get you points for catches and stumpings while also contributing with the bat. Try to get a keeper who will play higher up the order, like a KL Rahul for example and you’re good to go.

These were a few tips that get you over the line and give you the results you desire. Check out the top fantasy cricket tips here and be on top of your game. Download Gamezy now and enjoy daily fantasy cricket during the IPL.

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