How to Play Fantasy Cricket?

If you are looking to play fantasy cricket online, you will have to have the tactical nous and know-how to predict a team of XI players who can win you the most points. Fantasy cricket isn’t about spending more, but about knowing exactly how particular players will perform in a game and taking the right calls before the match begins.


How to Play Fantasy Cricket Like a Pro?

Top tips that will help you to play fantasy cricket more efficiently are:

  • Understanding player performance
  • Unerstanding pitch performance
  • Knowing which players are in playing 11
  • Calculating cost
  • Selecting top-order batsmen

Understand Player Performance

Understanding how a player performs is important because you must forego a reputation in such situations. A player like Harbhajan Singh might have been in great form back in 2012 or 2013 but he is not the same force to reckon with today. You’ve to do your analysis and choose the players based on their current form and the regularity with which they play for their teams.

Understanding Pitch Performance

The pitch plays a major role in deciding the fate of a match and it is important that you understand it beforehand. Of course, you can never say for sure, but some analysis can be made based on the venue. You would know that Eden Gardens is a fast-paced pitch compared to a Chepauk and you could pick up more fast bowlers than needed. Based on the pitch, you can pick the teams accordingly.

Find out if the Players are Playing

You will need to know if a particular player is playing on that day as the worst thing to happen is if you pick someone and captain him only to find out he’s injured or left out on that particular match. Try to pick players who are consistent and have a cemented spot in the team. If you’ve a doubt regarding the same, the best thing to do is not take them.

Calculate the Cost Well

There are players who are priced higher than usual but don’t perform to the standards that are expected out of them. Watch the games and you’ll see a few youngsters who are performing at a good level. Pick them as they can reward you well and also offer a great balance to your team, increasing chances of winning cash rewards.

Select Top-order Batsmen More

If two teams are playing each other, try to get as many top order batsmen into the team as possible. Top-order batsmen tend to score higher as they face more balls and this means the opportunities for middle-order ones are reduced. Select players in the first four positions to increase your chances of scoring more points than expected.

Bonus Points

Track players who are performing well in the field because you can score additional points based on catches, stumpings and run-outs as well. A player like Jadeja may play down the order in the batting line-up but he can effect a couple of catches or a run-out, adding to your bonus points. Gamezy is the best fantasy cricket app you can work with, to give you a great chance of winning big and getting the prizes you are looking for.

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