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Indian T20 Premier League vs BBL

Cricket is a common language spoken across the world and there are many T20 leagues spread across different countries. Two of probably the most famous leagues are the Indian T20 Premier League, played in India and the Big Bash, in Australia. Both leagues see some of the best players in the world come together to help their teams progress to the title and see the country celebrate the extravaganza of cricket for weeks.

The two leagues are popular among the masses in their two countries and draw massive crowds for each fixture. Here are a few stats between the two.

About Indian T20 Premier League and BBL

Indian T20 Premier League: Indian T20 Premier League or the Indian Premier League is the yearly professional T20 league in India which consists of 8 teams competing against each other. It was started in 2008 by BCCI and is held from March to May every year.

BBL: BBL or the Big Bash League is the yearly professional T20 league in Australia which was started by Cricket Australia board in 2011.

Indian T20 Premier League vs BBL – The origins and the Formats

The Indian T20 Premier League started out back in the year 2008 and was one of the first leagues in the world to incorporate right different teams from different cities for T20 matches. These cities include Rajasthan, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Mohali, Chennai, Hyderabad and Bangalore. The 8 teams battle it out with a maximum of 27 players and the format has grown over the years, with plenty of stars evolving and becoming global icons owing to their performances in the Indian T20 Premier League.

The Indian T20 Premier League has a total of 60 games that are played, including 56 Round-Robin matches followed by 4 games of play-offs to decide the winner.

The BBL, however, was started around 2011-12 and also has 8 teams vying it out from 6 cities in Australia. These include Hobart, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane. BBL teams can have a maximum of 18 players in their team and have a maximum of 35 games, including 32 Round-Robin matches, 2 Semumbai-Finals, and 1 final.

Indian T20 Premier League vs BBL – Prize Money and Rules

The overall prize money for the Indian T20 Premier League translates to AUD 14 million while the prize money for the BBL is AUD 1.4 million. The Indian T20 Premier League is allowed a maximum of 9 overseas players in the squad, with 4 players in the playing XI. The BBL has a rule for a maximum of 2 overseas players, with 2 other overseas players as the designated replacements.

The BBL also has an equivalent identical league for women while the Indian T20 Premier League doesn’t. There have been a total of 6 different winners for the Indian T20 Premier League while the BBL has had 5. The Indian T20 Premier League also hands out individual awards for performances in the game and through the tournament while the same isn’t applicable for the BBL.

The players for Indian T20 Premier League are chosen according to the auction format while BBL players are contracted. There are plenty of differences and similarities between the two leagues and while you can compare the two, the Indian T20 Premier League edges out as the winner owing to the vast amount of experience they have in conducting their league.

Overall, picking out one league above the other isn’t easy and they are both enjoyed by their own dedicated fan bases.

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