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Future of Rummy

The Future of Rummy

Rummy has become one of the most popular card games in India. The game has been enjoyed for centuries and was commonly played in social gatherings among friends and families of all ages.

With the advancement of technology, rummy can now be played online, thus eradicating the gaps of traditional methods where players were restricted to time and place. The advent of online rummy has opened the door to more innovation and change. So, what does the future of rummy look like?

How Will Technology Shape the Future of Rummy Games?

Online rummy apps and platforms are the forerunners in shaping the future of the game. Rummy games will see an even greater increase in the use of technology, and the game will likely be more accessible, entertaining, and competitive in the near future.

Some of the ways in which rummy will embrace technology are:

Online and Live Rummy

The technological advancements and the internet boom have paved the way for online rummy 

apps to flourish exponentially. Online rummy has enabled people to play the game in the comfort of their own place and at their own time. With online rummy, it has now become easier to play the game live with other players in real-time.

With the increasing availability of fast internet, it is possible that online rummy will grow in the near future as well, and the game might witness new features, better and safer gameplay, smoother graphics, and allow the users to completely immerse themselves in the game.


With the penetration of high-speed internet in almost every corner of India, it is highly likely that online rummy apps will be more accessible, even in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. Apart from being accessible geographically, the game would probably be accessible in other ways in the form of VR/AR, other handheld devices, etc.

Virtual/ Augmented Reality

VR/AR are sure to influence the game of rummy and revolutionise it in the near future. Having the option to play rummy with other players and interact with them in a lifelike way is sure to entice a lot of rummy enthusiasts.

Also, the gameplay would evolve, and the rummy apps might enable the players to bridge the physical and virtual worlds. For instance, players can sit on the rummy table and see the cards using AR on the physical table and use hand gestures to manipulate their cards in a virtual environment.

Social & Competitive Elements

Leaderboards and rummy tournaments have already made the game of online rummy more competitive and social. In the future, rummy apps will further focus on making the game more social and competitive. For example, better multiplayer gameplay, hosting local, national, and international tournaments, and improving leaderboard rankings are a few ways that the rummy apps in future might incorporate to make the gaming experience more social, and enjoyable and create a sense of community and friendly competition among the players of all skill levels.

New Game Variations

With the ever-rising popularity of the rummy game, it is likely to involve the introduction of new game variations with different rules and advanced features in the future. New scoring systems, new tournaments involving teams, and new in-game mechanics like power-ups, special cards, etc. are all possibilities for future rummy games.

Will Cash Rummy Games be Legal in India?

Yes, cash rummy games would likely remain legal in India. At present, it is legal to play rummy to win money in India, barring a few states. Several states are in the process of framing laws to regulate online rummy, and in the future, better regulations and solid rules will exist for online rummy, which would enable the game to thrive further.

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