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Is Playing Rummy Better Than Watching Series?

Is Playing Rummy Better than Watching Series?

After a long day of work, you curl up into bed and do either of two things – binge-watch your favorite tv shows or indulge in a few games of rummy! Before the pandemic, it was okay to meet new people outside, go to a party or even invite friends to your house. But when you are looking for your own time to chill by yourself, there is nothing to do other than getting into your bed, making yourself comfortable and playing rummy!

Now, TV series have also become an integral part of your lives. Most people have their lunch/dinner while watching TV, catching up with the latest shows from several OTT platforms and discussing this with their friends. Similarly, as skill-based games like Rummy, Poker & Fantasy Sports have become popular in India on gaming platforms such as Gamezy, many people want to end the day with a small increase in their winnings!

Watching Series with Friends

There is nothing better than watching your favorite TV shows with your friends after a long day of work. Despite lockdown rules where it disallows you to meet your friends at times, OTT platforms have come up with great connectivity activities such as Parties, where you and your friend can watch TV shows together.

But what if there was a more effective way to spend time on your smartphone that just needs a steady internet connection that can not just stay connected with your friends, but also makes you a little extra cash on the side?

How is Playing Online Rummy Better Than Just Watching Series?

Playing rummy online can not only help you become more sociable but also could give you certain monetary benefits. When you play rummy over a period of time, you will eventually become an expert in the game. Through this, you will be able to adjust your cards and game according to the cards that are dealt to you or how your opponent plays. Playing Rummy with friends is made much easier now that you can play Online Rummy.

Here are some of the benefits of playing rummy online rather than watching TV shows:

  • Internet Connectivity

Unlike OTT platforms, a minimum internet connection is enough to enjoy an uninterrupted rummy game. When you play rummy, you will not use the same data as you would do in TV shows. Rummy in general does not need a high-speed 3G or 4G internet service. This means that you can enjoy Online Rummy from remote locations or even when you are in transit.

  • Non-Stop Entertainment

We have all been in a situation where your TV show has aired its final episode and you are sad about it. This will never happen when you Play Rummy! With hundreds of thousands of players across the globe, you will also connect with a player in fast-time 24/7. Rummy games are also very intense and gripping, ensuring that you enjoy every game. With new players and new strategies to come across constantly, Online Rummy is definitely better than TV shows.

  • Join Tables & Tournaments and Earn Cash!

Once you are done with an episode of a TV show, the only reasonable thing to do is to watch the next episode. However, in Online Rummy, you can join tables & tournaments with cash rewards. Not just this, there are different variants of Rummy games to ensure that every game is different from the previous. You can enter tournaments, compete with the best in the game and Win Big!

FAQs on Playing Rummy vs Watching Series

Is Playing Rummy Good?

Playing Rummy has its benefits as it helps you with decision-making skills, adaptability and time management. Playing Rummy is good, but you must play responsibly.

Is Playing Rummy Bad?

When Playing Rummy, you must ensure that you are playing within limits. Playing too much Rummy could lead to addiction and must be played responsibly.

Is Playing Rummy Good for the Brain?

There are multiple benefits of playing rummy. Playing rummy is good for the brain as it continually challenges you to make decisions, think harder and improve concentration.

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