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Popularity of Rummy in the Deccan Region

How is the Deccan Region Elite for Rummy Gamers in India?

Today, India’s most popular card game – rummy, has gone through a big change in the digital arena. Any player can just jump onto a rummy table of their choice with just a smartphone and a steady internet connection. Rummy is a game that involves a lot of strategic thinking, quick decisions and probabilities. Playing rummy offline would take a long time and resources. However, with mobile applications such as Gamezy, it just takes a matter of seconds to join tables and even play for real cash. Indian rummy has strong roots in South India as it is continued to play in several states including Tamil Nadu, Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh. Let’s look at how rummy is celebrated in the Deccan region of India.

Mythological Origins of Rummy

Rummy is the king of all card games in India. Card games have been a part of India’s mythology. There are mentions of card games and gambling in different mythological stories from the Mahabharata, where ancient rulers played dice and cards. Stories also suggest that Goddess Parvati ensured that rummy is celebrated as a game of prosperity that rewards anyone who plays it with blessings. This can be witnessed at the Kailash temple located at the Ellora Caves in Aurangabad. This could be one of the reasons why rummy is played on special religious occasions such as Diwali, Ugadi and others.

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The Popularity of Rummy in the Deccan Region

In Deccan, rummy is played majorly in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh. Let’s see how each of these Deccan regions has embraced the game of rummy.

Rummy in Karnataka

One of the main regions of the Deccan region is Karnataka. Even back in the day, India had rulers that constantly played card games. It was said that famous rulers in Mysuru, such as the Mummudi Krishnaraja Wadiyar III played card games with his neighbouring kingdoms in nobility. The game played then was called Ganjifa, which could have been an influence in the creation of the Indian Rummy.

As these rulers played card games, it was incorporated into the rich Karnataka culture, a stronghold of the Deccan region. Playing cards had a refreshing effect as it involved a skill factor. Indian Rummy is no less of this. Today, with the advancement of technology all across Karnataka and the rest of India, Rummy has evolved into a game that can be played within just minutes, with comparison to offline rummy, which takes longer to organize and play. People in Karnataka today play rummy on their smartphones through apps such as Gamezy.

Rummy in Tamil Nadu

As one of the busiest and largest economies in the Deccan region and in India, Tamil Nadu has evolved Indian Rummy gaming to a new level. Unlike other regions where Rummy is usually only played on special occasions, rummy is played as a family tradition. The people of Tamil Nadu earlier used to play in Rummy clubs, which organized many events and tournaments. However, as Indian Rummy can be easily played online these days through applications such as Gamezy, Tamils have adopted this new way of playing. People in the Deccan region have a love for mathematics, probability and decision-making skills, making them great players of Rummy.

Rummy in Andhra Pradesh

The most important region of the Deccan for rummy gaming is Andhra Pradesh. Despite having a vast history and culture, Andhra Pradesh is one of the main states that adopted modern technology. With a lot of effort put into technology, it is one of the earliest states in India to create digital platforms for card games. People from Andhra Pradesh welcomed new games that test their mental abilities and brain power. It is no surprise that one of the largest online playing populations for card games is from this state. Similarly, with Indian Rummy, Andhra Pradesh has the highest number of players in the Deccan region. 

Rummy may have started as an ancient game played in the Deccan part of India, but has now managed to make its mark in most households just through the development of online gaming. New players contribute to the growth of this historic game every day and are here to stay.

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