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Is Rummy a Game of Skill or Luck or Skill?

This is a very common question asked when players are looking to play rummy games online on different platforms. Although, it is a common misconception that card games in India are luck/ chance-based. However, this is not true at all.

The Honourable Supreme Court of India has declared that rummy and the different variants of the rummy game are skill-based and not luck-based. Therefore, this makes the game totally legal to play on online gaming platforms for real cash. However, luck-based card games are not legal to play in India. Playing Rummy is considered to be skill-based for a majority of reasons. One of the key ones is that Rummy requires a lot of attention to detail and analytical skills.

How is Rummy a Game of Skill and not Luck?

Rummy is a card game that is played between 2-6 players with 2 packs of cards. There are two main versions of the game i.e. 13 Card Rummy Game & 21 Card Rummy Game. 13 Card Rummy is the more popular of the two and it comes in more variants.

Once 13 cards are dealt to each player, they will have to make sets and sequences by picking up and dropping cards. Sets and sequences come in two forms – Pure Sequence and Impure Sequences. A player wins when they make sets and sequences from all their 13 cards and declare before their opponents. The points/ winnings are then calculated based on the variant of the game or the buy-in of the game.

Although the game looks relatively simple to play, there are many different strategies and tips to win in Online Rummy. Professional players will calculate the percentage of their winning chances and will look closely at their values. In Rummy, if you drop before the start of the game, you may incur only a 20-point penalty. Professional players will calculate the odds of their dealt hands before taking the call to drop or continue playing. More than just picking up and dropping cards, there is a lot of mathematics involved in playing Rummy games. From calculating your points of loose cards to the possible percentage of your opponent’s winnings- Rummy and Mathematics are two sides of the same coin.

In order for a card game to be classified as luck-based, it will have a primary focus on betting/ gambling. For example, Teen Patti. This is regarded as a luck-based game as you cannot change the outcome of the three cards you were dealt. Therefore, you will have to continually place your bets. However, in a card game like rummy, the outcome of the game can thoroughly be changed as the players will continue to play without placing any extra bets.

So, Rummy is Skill or Luck?

It is now established that the game of rummy relies more on skill rather than luck. A few more points to strengthen the argument that rummy is a game of skill are:

  • Rummy is all About Maths

From counting the value of your cards to calculating the percentage you obtain a specific card- Rummy and mathematics are two sides of the same coin. If you are not a fast counter, then Rummy will be a hard game to play professionally. When there is a mathematical element involved in forming strategies- it clearly falls under the bracket of ‘skill-based games’.

  • Strategy Formation in Online Rummy

Not just online rummy, in every rummy game, players will form strategies to declare before their opponent does. Strategy is developed when an expert rummy player has had a lot of experience playing the same rummy game. This gives many Rummy Game players a competitive advantage over their opponents. If you are good at implementing strategies, you will be a good rummy player.

  • Supreme Court of India Ruling

There is no better point than a ruling from a Supreme Court. With regards to legality of online rummy, the Honourable Supreme Court of India has declared that rummy card games are skill-based and not luck-based on August 18, 2015. In the verdict, it was described that Rummy players have to be intellectual and skilful to beat their opponents.

  • Outcomes are Based on Skills, not Luck

When playing Rummy, you have the ability to change your final outcome unlike other games like Teen Patti.

FAQs on Rummy Being a Game of Skill or Luck

What Percent of Rummy is Luck?

There is no exact number to suggest that Rummy is luck-based. Based on YouGov, 38% of Americans believe that Rummy is a skill-based game.

Is Gin Rummy Mostly Luck?

Even though there is luck involved, Gin Rummy is not mostly luck. When playing for actual money, the game becomes skill-based.

Is Rummy a Gambling Game?

If there is money involved in playing a game, it can be considered as gambling. However, not all gambling games are luck-based. Rummy is one of the unique games that are skill-based.

Is There any Strategy Involved in a Rummy Game?

Absolutely. By building sets and sequences, players often use strategies to either get the cards that they require or make the opponent drop an important card.

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