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Importance of Playing Online Rummy Responsibly

Online gaming in general has been a superb introduction for gamers. It brings all the physical and traditional board & card games very accessible. Any player can now just log onto their smart devices and start playing without the need to schedule a session with their friends. However, with these positives, there can also be cons. Playing online games should also be done so responsibly. It is meant to be played for leisure purposes only. However, too much of something is always bad for you.

One such game is rummy. This game has been around for generations in India and is a fan favorite in family get-togethers and playing with friends. Now, Rummy is available on most online platforms & can also now be played for cash! In online rummy, you are mostly paired with a stranger to play against. Even though this is exciting and eliminates the ‘cheating factor’ that you could face in offline rummy, playing rummy responsibly has become a must. It is essential for most online gaming.

What Does Playing Rummy Responsibly Mean?

Before we get into the major talking points of why it is important to Play Rummy Responsibly, we need to understand what it means.

Responsible Gaming refers to playing a game for fun and pure entertainment purposes without it causing harm to yourself or others. Most gaming operators will have safety measures to ensure the highest quality standards and a safe user experience when playing online games. There are some main areas that governing bodies such as The Online Rummy Federation (TORF) have in place:

  • KYC Registration
  • Age Verification
  • Buying Limits (Mandatory)
  • SSL Encryption
  • RNG Certification

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How to Play Rummy Responsibly?

The three main reasons to play rummy card game responsibly are:

  • Time Awareness

Very common with rummy tournaments, they tend to be extremely long due as there are several players involved. Players should be educated about the importance of playing for too long & create a healthy balance between work and play.

  • Don’t Attempt to Chase Losses

In rummy, players find it difficult to accept that they have lost, and will buy-in continuously till they achieve wins and their money back. However, responsible gaming encourages players to take a break and not chase their losses.

  • Avoid Borrowing Money

Players sometimes tend to sell personal belongings or borrow money on credit from their friends/ family. This always leads to breakdowns in relationships and should be avoided. Responsible gaming ensures that this does not happen by limiting players from excessively playing.

How do Rummy Platforms like Rummyprime Encourage Players to Play Rummy Responsibly?

To ensure that the users play rummy responsibly, here are some of the few measures taken into consideration: 

  • Age Limit

All players must be of a certain age to play Rummy Online. The minimum age to play Rummy is 18 years. An identity check is usually done to facilitate this.

  • Territory Restrictions

In India, playing rummy is legal and safe. However, cash rummy games are still not allowed in certain states. It is important to be updated with the territory rules of online rummy before indulging in cash games.

  • Limiting Deposits

One of the hardest things to do is to ‘not chase losses’ in rummy. Due to its addictive nature, players tend to increase their deposits when they lose in the heat of the moment. To control this, gaming platforms cap the deposit limit to prevent over buy-ins.

  • High-Standard Security & Financial Protection

The major rummy gaming platforms like Rummyprime encourage players to play rummy responsibly by ensuring that their financial transactions are safe and secure. This is done through an SSL encryption technology that protects users from making unsafe transactions. Payment gateways are also tightly protected.

FAQs on Playing Rummy Responsibly

Is Playing Rummy Online Safe?

Yes. At most times, playing rummy online is safe as there are measures in place that encourage players to play rummy responsibly.

Is Online Rummy Cheating?

Playing rummy online is not cheating. Gaming applications have safety standards in place that protects players from fraudulence.

Does Rummy Give Real Money?

Yes. Playing on online rummy apps and platforms by joining tables & tournaments can be played for real money, which can be withdrawn easily.

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