8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is an extremely popular and common online game that is played by millions in the world. The game has evolved over the years graphically and visually, providing users with a realistic gameplay experience.

What is 8 Ball Pool Game?

8 Ball Pool online is a turn-based multiplayer game that emulates the real game of pool or billiards. The objective of 8 Ball Pool is to pocket all your designated set of balls (stripes or solids) before your opponent followed by the 8-Ball (black pool), based on the chosen pocket.

Rules for 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool Rules are:

  • In case a ball is pocketed during the opening break, the designated colored balls are still open to pot. Once pocketed post the break, the player should only pocket those balls (either strips/ solids)
  • If the cue ball initially strikes the opponent’s ball, it is considered a foul and your turn is automatically forfeited.
  • Pocket all the designated colors first before moving onto the 8 Ball (black ball)
  • If the black ball is pocketed before the others, or potted in any other hole apart from the chosen one, the game is lost and your opponent wins.
  • If the cue ball fails to touch any ball or the railing, it is considered a foul.
  • If the cue ball and the 8 Ball is potted in the same time, your opponent wins.

What are the Common Terms used in 8 Ball Pool?

8-Ball Pool

A 2-player online turn-based game where players target all their designated balls into the pocket before hitting the 8-ball into the chosen pocket to win the game.

Angle Shot

When the cue ball is targeted to a certain angle which allows the desired balls to be potted.

Cue Ball

The ball that is used to strike the other balls. The cue ball is white in colour.

Clean the table

When a player pots one ball after another until the last ball is pocketed and therefore, winning the game.

Open Table

When the target balls are not yet determined. This means that any player can pot any ball in the moment.


A scratch occurs when the cue ball is pocketed. This results in the opponent obtaining a free ‘ball in hand’, which means they can place the cue ball anywhere in the table.


Balls that have a solid color. These balls are numbered from 1 to 8 (excluding 8 Ball)


Balls that are white and have a different colored band. These balls are numbered from 9 to 15

Tips to win a 8 Ball Pool

Here are some 8 ball pool tricks & 8 ball pool tips to remember

1. Understand all the rules of the game.

2. Learn the different types of breaks that will ensure that your turn is not forfeited.

3. Consider the choice between stripes or solids post the break based on the positioning of all the balls in the table.

4. Power isn’t everything. Sometimes overhitting a ball could cause a disruption in the positions of other balls, causing you to rethink your sequence. Accuracy is key.

5. Plan Ahead! When it is your turn to pocket a ball, think of the next ball that you will have to pocket. Based on this, your cue ball positioning is important.

FAQs on 8 Ball Pool

how to play 8 ball pool like a pro?

Practice makes perfect. Playing more 8 ball pool games will improve your placement skills and give you better control in accuracy & power. You can also extend your aim by using a piece of paper.

How to Play 8 Ball Pool in Gamezy?

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Can we win cash by playing 8 ball pool online @ gamezy?

Yes! Once you have entered 8 Ball Pool on Gamezy, you can enter the various cash battles that is offered. Once you have won, you can win real cash!

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