Fantasy Counsel Ludo Leaderboard

Play 10K Ludo!

Gamezy is hosting a LUDO LEADERBOARD exclusively for Fantasy Counsel’s users with Rs. 10,000 prizepool.

Join Classic Ludo, play any contest worth Rs. 50 more, and improve your rank in the leaderboard.

How you get points:

Entry Fee x 0.25 + Game Points

The leaderboard is live from 1 February to 7 February. So get set, roll the dice and walk away with the 10k prizepool cash prize!

Winners of 10,000 LUDO LEADERBOARD TABLE for Fantasy Counsel users:

Ranks User Name Points scored
1🏆 Mr_AP_45 2061.5
2🏆 Dudi blazers 1494.25
3🏆 Sourya12 64.5
4🏆 Jay Goga. 23
5🏆 Losserrrrr 12.5
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