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Speed Ludo

Ludo game can be made more interesting when it is played in rush or speed. Classical ludo is played as per the players’ pace no matter how much time it takes to complete a game. But this game can be quite fascinating if players are confined to limited dice rolls.

Playing Ludo in speed is similar to the classical ludo game but has a speed twist pushing players to rush while playing the game. Inside this two- to four-player strategic board game Ludo, one dice is rolled to decide how far participants’ tokens move but faster than the traditional ludo.

Here we will discuss about the speed Ludo playing, how one can play ludo in speed and win money by earning the top score in just 10 minutes.

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How To Play Ludo in speed ?

Speed Ludo has simple rules like those used in the conventional ludo board game but with some modification. Also, the playing style is similar to simple ludo but the speed ludo differs a little. Learn to win real money playing the Ludo game in Speed without taking any investment here:

  • In speed ludo also players receive four identically coloured pawns in available space.
  • Set up the Speed Ludo game by placing your tokens from the starting area.
  • Irrespective of the number that comes up on the cube, your piece advances. Every turn, you have a specific amount of time to play.
  • Make quick decisions to move the token based on the dice numbers.
  • Follow the rules similar to the Ludo game for token movement
  • You kill your opponent’s pawn and take its score if you land on their tiles. Then, the defeated pawn resumes its previous stance.
  • A safe zone is established and cannot be removed if more than three pawns of the same color are located on the same tile.
  • You get a further chance to roll the dice if:

    • On the cube, you have a 6.
    • Whenever the pawn gets home
    • You eliminate an opponent’s pawn.
  • Pay attention to your opponent moves to anticipate their strategies and move your pawns accordingly.
  • Take calculated risks when necessary to gain advantage and progress the game faster.
  • The player with the highest score decides the game. The prizes for the other players are determined by their placements.
  • Avoid unnecessary delays and actively participate in the game.
  • The match is over when a player’s four pawns converge at their home station, the timer runs out, or 50 turns have ended.
  • The user will forfeit the game and your registration money if you stop playing, close the ludo app, or skip three turns.

Remember, playing Ludo in speed requires quick thinking & fast decision making and efficient moves to win the game.

Some General Rules For Playing Ludo In Speed

Keep these in mind while playing Ludo in speed.

  • Secure Zone: All pieces are safe in the survey set with an arrow on the tiles of the four house colors (Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow).
  • All pawns are safe areas on tiles adorned with stars, called star tiles. The game contains 8’s dominance.
  • Four vacant spots at the edges of the board where chip shots must be moved are called pockets.
  • A player’s safe area is established when there are at least two pawns of the same color on a shield’s tile.

One can earn significant money by playing online Ludo on the Ludo Culture platform.

What Tips And Tricks Make You Win A Rushing Ludo Game Online?

Open All Of Your Tokens

We know that one thing we cannot control is how the 6s are rolled. Therefore, you must reveal all your tokens whenever you move a 6 (by pure luck).

Never race with just one token. You win when all four of your tokens land on the house triangle. Therefore, moving all tokens simultaneously and as fast as possible is preferable rather than slowly carrying just one token at times.

Take The Opponent’s Tokens

It is not worth it to spread out all of your tokens when playing the Speed Ludo. It also involves capturing the opponent’s token and returning it to their play yard. It is among the best ludo strategies while playing the game.

Disallow The Enemy’s Tokens

Another tactic is to block your opponent’s tokens if you cannot take theirs. They will not be capable of passing your token or stealing your tokens if you do so (only those who formed a block).

Store Your Tokens In A Safe Place

  1. There are many locations and ways outside of your play area where you may keep your tokens safe in the game.
  2. Never move a token about to land inside the home triangle. Instead, move tokens that have a greater probability of being taken by the opposition.
  3. Your gameplay involves carefully shifting your tokens. Therefore, you should think before you move them.

Choose Your Game Play

Everybody has a unique look at gameplay in Speed Ludo. While some prefer to be aggressive, others prefer to prevail without taking any of their opponents’ tokens.

Before playing, one must choose the approach.

How to Download the Gamezy Ludo Game?

iOS and Android devices support the Ludo money-making game. To download the Gamezy Ludo earning app, one needs to follow this step to get a speed ludo download.

With Android

  • To get the Ludo Culture ludo download, enter your cell phone number if you use a desktop or laptop to get a download link by SMS.
  • To obtain and launch the .apk file, tap the link.
  • Tap the “Install” button if one is using a mobile device.
  • To access the file, tap.
  • To install, click. Visit “Settings” and click “Allow from in this source” if you get a warning.
  • Enter your mobile number and the 4-digit OTP you got to register on the app.
  • Get your nice reward and begin to play.

On Google Play Store:

  • Open the Google Play Store.
  • Search “Ludo Culture” App
  • Click on Install app
  • Register and start playing

The Ludo Culture ludo app on the Play Store in free to download and offers varoious fast ludo games with 2 and 4 players along with different tournaments.

How To Win In The Speed Ludo Rush Game?

Here are some hints and methods to help you play Speed Ludo and earn serious cash.

  • Keep in mind that shifting one tile represents 1 point. So move the pieces around the board to improve your score.
  • To increase your score by 2x, 3x, and so on, advance all your squares in the home position, first, second, third, and so forth.
  • Prevent skipping turns or wasting too much time determining which pawn to move.
  • Remove your adversary as many pawns as possible to get more scores and turns.
  • To prevent your pieces from being captured by the other team’s pawns, place them on as many shielding tiles as possible.
  • Do not break the game’s rules by unplugging or leaving while it’s still carrying on.

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How To Withdraw Money From The Speed Ludo Earning App?

  • One Just needs to go ahead and choose the “Wallet” option, click on the given option “Withdraw”, and then input the appropriate withdrawal amount to withdraw one winning reward.
  • One can also withdraw a minimum of two and a maximum of 5 rupees each day using this online gaming application.
  • After entering the needed withdrawal amount, enter your UPI ID and click the option to verify.
  • Also, one can just simply select the option to proceed and withdraw after verifying your UPI ID. Your withdrawal request will be automatically handled after users send it.

Gamezy Ludo is Now Ludo Culture

Gamezy Ludo is now Ludo Culture! It’s like a cool upgrade for your favorite online ludo game. We’ve made it even better with a new name and awesome features. Get ready to play ludo in a whole new way on Ludo Culture!

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