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Everyone now knows the relevance of fantasy cricket and how it has become one of the most talked-about things not just in India but the world over. Fantasy cricket is basically an online game where you create a virtual team from a pool of cricketers and earn points according to their performances in a match. Being aware of a few simple tips and tricks is the key to winning games or the league. The online fantasy cricket tips we share here will help you understand how to approach the team selection in the best possible way.

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Pro Fantasy Cricket Tips and Tricks

As mentioned above, winning a fantasy cricket game or league is not as simple as some might think. Yes, you can earn small prizes by selecting a few in-form players and then leaving it to fate. However, if you want to win big then you need to put in the effort in and analyze the finer details to pick the team accordingly. It is all about picking the perfect 11 players for that particular match who have the best chance of performing well and in turn increasing your points tally. Following are some of the fantasy cricket winning tips that you should definitely use while creating your team.

Check Player Performance

The first thing you need to check is whether a player has been in form in the recent games or not. You should not pick a player just because he has been a good performer a few months back. Recent performances and form matter here more than a player’s career record, since your earnings will depend on the performance in a one-off match. However, if it is a league that you are selecting the team for, then go for class players as they are likely to perform better in the long run.

Analyze Weather and Pitch Report

Analyzing weather and pitch report is something that most fantasy cricket players do not pay attention to and thus end up not picking the right fantasy XI. If it is a slow and dry pitch and an afternoon game, you should pick more spinners in your team rather than a swing bowler. Similarly, if it is a pitch like the one in Wankhede, power hitters and swing bowlers should find a place in your team. It is all about going with an approach of “horses for courses”.

Selecting Top Order Batsmen

Selecting capable top-order batsmen is one of the sure-shot mantras of winning big in fantasy cricket, especially in T20s. Since they get to face the maximum number of deliveries, it is only natural to expect them to score big runs and the way most teams are lined up these days, the top 3 are the best batsmen in the team. As a result, the probability of them scoring big runs is much higher than usual.

Choosing Captain and Vice-Captain

One of the most important fantasy league cricket tips is to choose the right captain and vice-captain. These two decisions can actually be the difference between winning and losing the game or the league. The captain of each fantasy XI gets 2x points and the vice-captain gets 1.5x points, so if you manage to select the two best performers of the game as your captain and vice-captain, it will be very difficult for anyone to beat you from that position.

Fantasy Cricket Tips for Today’s Match

When you select a team for a particular match, you need to be proactive in every way. You need to be aware of all the updates and last-minute changes in the team to select the right squad. Go through these ultimate fantasy cricket tips to ensure that you win big.

Toss and Making Last-minute Changes

You just have a small window to make any last-minute changes according to the toss so it is very crucial that you stay tuned to check the toss result. As soon as the final XI is released by the teams, you can make the necessary changes, if required, and drop the players you might have selected but are not in the playing XI.

Creating Multiple Teams

Another point in the ultimate fantasy cricket tips is that you should create multiple teams to increase the probability of winning more. Even if you lose one contest, you may end up winning big in another contest with another team. Since there is no dearth of contests in most fantasy cricket apps, you can always go for the creation of multiple teams.

Latest Updates and Announcements About the Teams

Look out for all the news that the teams are coming out with. Even the replacement of a coach has an impact on the playing XI of the squad, so be aware of these changes.

Checking the Latest News About the Players (Injury, Position, etc.)

Injury updates about players are supremely important in guiding you to pick the right playing XI. Similarly, if there is a change in the batting position of a player, you should be aware of it as the key to winning big is by choosing the top order batsmen in your team. 60% of players in your fantasy XI should be ideally top-order batsmen.

Choosing the Right Combination of Batsmen, Bowlers, WK, and Fielders

Since you need to pick at least one player from all the categories, it is important to choose carefully. By top-order batsmen, we do not mean that they have to be proper batsmen, it could be any player who bats at the top. The ideal way to go about it is by picking all-rounders who bat in the top 4 so that you get maximum points thanks to their all-round performances. The same goes for wicketkeepers, who are known for their batting abilities too and can fetch points through both batting and wicketkeeping.

FAQs Related to Fantasy Cricket Tips

How to Win Fantasy Cricket Games?

The best tips to win fantasy cricket matches are explained here in detail. To recall, below are the best tips to play fantasy cricket:

  • Analyze players and check their past performances
  • Select more top-order batsmen and select captain and vice-captain wisely
  • Keep an eye on the weather, pitch report and toss to be able to make last-minute changes easily
  • Create multiple teams to increase your winning chances

How to Earn Money in Gamezy’s Fantasy Matches?

To earn money in Gamezy’s fantasy cricket contests, you need to choose a match, select a contest, and build your dream fantasy team. You can win real money every day if your chosen team outperforms others in that match. Check these best tips before choosing your players to maximize your winning chances.

How Many Teams Can Be Created in Gamezy?

You can make upto 6 teams in the Mega Contests on Gamezy. This will help you maximize your chances of winning that particular Mega Contest. You can make from 2 to 3 teams for other smaller contests, depending on the restrictions set on that particular contest.

What Advantages Does Gamezy Have Over Others?

Gamezy is one of the most innovative apps when it comes to Fantasy Sports. Here are a few features that make Gamezy the most user friendly app in the market when it comes to Fantasy Cricket:

  • Now you can play Fantasy Cricket in your own language, the language you are most comfortable with from 8 different languages.
  • 2nd Innings contests lets you make teams for the 2nd Innings of a match without worrying about what happened in the 1st Innings.
  • In Test matches you can now play all four innings as they happen and make teams for each innings separately, instead of waiting for 5 days for a result and your winnings.
  • 5-a-side contests allow you to make a quick 5-a-side team, choosing the best 5 players from a match. Less restrictions on team building and a quick solution when you are running short on time before a match.
  • In-app player statistics & comparison of the last 5 matches, lets you pick the best possible team without running around different websites to do your research on who to pick.
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