Indian Fantasy Cricket

Indian Fantasy Cricket has taken the country by storm in less than a decade, with millions of people using various fantasy cricket sites in India to play fantasy cricket. There are around 40 apps or websites that cater to this service, with almost every other app following a similar route. Interestingly, there are official fantasy cricket games for IPL and ICC as well along with the private fantasy cricket sites in India, such as Gamezy.

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Fantasy Cricket in India

In a nation where cricket is more of a religion than a sport, it is only natural to expect the sport to have millions of fans. As a result, fantasy cricket have flourished extremely well in India. If you ask how this concept has done so well in India, the answer would be simple – Indian people do not love anything as passionately as cricket. You must have noticed how there is a cricket pundit in every household who knows even the smallest stat or detail about a player. These Indian Fantasy leagues have tapped into such people’s hearts and helped them earn money by using their knowledge. All these small scale pundits prove to be the eventual winners of different fantasy cricket leagues.

Is Fantasy Cricket Legal in India?

“Why fantasy cricket is legal in India?” is one question that pops up in almost everyone’s mind when India as a country is completely against betting, with it not even being legal. This is where you need to understand that betting on a sport is totally different from playing Fantasy cricket. In fantasy cricket, you are basically using your knowledge to predict the performances of real-life players and earn money through the right predictions.

In fact, the High Court Ruling came in favour of such fantasy cricket leagues in India as they stated how it is the skillset and knowledge of a person that is winning him the prizes. Also, since they cannot change the players they choose once the match starts, it is not betting in any way. Therefore, all such apps or websites are exempted from the provisions of the Public Gambling Act, 1867 (PGA).

Best Fantasy Cricket App in India

If you look for the best fantasy cricket app in India, then it can get quite tough as almost all the apps or websites are similar to each other, with the rules of the game being pretty much the same. Therefore, the major differentiating factor would be the daily challenges or sub contests the app provides. For example, Gamezy provides plenty of fantasy cricket challenges and leagues on a daily basis.

With the next edition of IPL coming in April and the T20 World Cup later this year, all the major fantasy cricket apps in India are sure to perform well in the coming year. However, it is not just these major tournaments that you can play in but almost all the cricket series taking place in the world!

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