Referral Program & Can't Lose Pass - T&C:

  • What is the referral program?

    On Gamezy you can refer your friends and family with your personal referral code. On doing so you both will earn Rs.150* in bonus. Also, both the referrer and referee are eligible for 1 ‘Can’t lose pass’ as soon as your referee will play their first contest.

  • How much would referrer and referee earn?

    When you refer someone on Gamezy, and once the referee has played their first contest, you get Rs.150. The referee gets Rs.100 as a signup bonus + Rs.50 after playing their first contest. Furthermore, you both will receive 1 ‘Can’t lose pass’. There is no referral limit, you can refer to how many you want.

  • What is the ‘Can’t lose pass’?

    When you make a team in a Mega Contest and pay Rs.X as entry fee but your team doesn’t win then the Entry fee will be refunded back to your Gamezy: My Wallet.

  • Is one ‘Can’t lose pass’ eligible for multiple teams in a contest?

    No, one ‘Can’t lose pass’ is applicable on only one team in the mega contest. If you lose with that team, your entry fee for that particular team will be refunded into your Gamezy Wallet.

  • In what kind of contests can I use the ‘Can’t lose pass’?

    The ‘Can’t lose pass’ can only be used in the Mega Contests run on Gamezy.

  • For how long is the ‘Can’t lose pass’ valid?

    The ‘Can’t lose pass’ is valid only for 7 days from the date you receive the pass.

  • Is the ‘Can’t lose pass’ convertible/exchangeable for real cash?

    No the ‘Can’t lose pass’ is not exchangeable or convertible for real cash. It can only be used to play contests on Gamezy.

  • Where can I see the bonus referral amount that I earn from my referrals?

    You have to visit your account on Gamezy app. Then go to ‘My Wallet’, inside that you will see Winnings, Deposit and Bonuses. This referral bonus will reflect under Bonuses.

  • How long will it take to receive the bonus and ‘Can’t lose pass’ after making a referral?

    The bonus amount for both the referrer and the referee will be credited to their Gamezy Wallet within 24 hours after they played the contest. And the ‘can’t lose pass’ amount will be credited as cashback within 24 hours.