• What is the referral program?

    On Gamezy you can refer your friends/colleagues & family with your personal referral code. On doing so the referee will get Rs.50 as a signup bonus & Rs.50 immediately after playing their first cash game as bonus money/cash in their wallet.

    Once the referee plays a cash contest, the referrer will get Rs.100 bonus money/cash in their bonus wallet. Every time the referee plays a cash contest of any value, 50% of that value will be released to the referrer from the Rs.100 bonus into their deposit wallet as real cash.

  • Is there a limit to making referrals?

    There is no limit on making referrals. You can make as many referrals as you want & you will receive Rs.100 bonus cash every time the referee plays their first cash contest.

  • Where can I see the bonus referral amount that I earn from my referrals?

    You have to visit your account on Gamezy app. Then go to 'My Wallet', inside that you will see Winnings, Deposit and Bonuses. All your money earned from referrals will reflect under Bonuses. In the recent transactions, you can check the money credited from bonus to deposit wallet under the name "Hurray! Your friend Played "

  • How long will it take to receive the bonus after making a referral?

    The bonus amount for both the referrer and the referee will be credited to them within a maximum of 24 hours after the referred person has played their first cash contest. The bonus amount for the referee will reflect in their bonus wallet on Gamezy. The bonus amount for the referrer will reflect in their bonus wallet & the 50% cash acquired from the referee playing their cash contest will reflect in the deposit wallet on Gamezy for the referrer.

  • When will Referral Bonus expire?

    The bonus received from referrals made will expire 45 days from the day of receiving the same.

  • What will happen when I use my bonus in a contest and my friend is also playing?

    When you play any contest that allows the usage of bonus, you will see a decrease in your bonus wallet. That is the amount that you are giving to enter a particular contest.

    When the person you referred is playing a contest at the same time, you will receive 50% of the entry fee he/she has spent as deposit money in your wallet from the Rs.100 bonus that you received by referring that particular person to Gamezy.

  • Example of the referral process:

    Step 1: User A refers user B to Gamezy. User B receives signup bonus of Rs.50 plus referral bonus of Rs.50 upon first gameplay - Total of Rs 100.

    Step 2: User B engages in gameplay: Example mega contest, EF Rs 40. User A receives his referral bonus - Total of Rs 100. But as user B did an entry of Rs 40, User A will receive Rs.20 from the bonus converted to real cash in Deposit wallet and Rs 80 will remain in bonus wallet. So on and so forth up to Rs 100.

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