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Is Rummy a Stress Buster Game?

How is Rummy a Stress Buster Game?

A simple game of rummy can be the difference between having a long day at work and a chill mindset. It is not common that many players to play rummy online during their lunch breaks, but have you ever wondered why?

Rummy is a game that is short & simple to understand and is instantly available to all players who own a smartphone. Playing rummy can take your mind off your busy schedule as it presents itself as a pure form of entertainment.

How Can Playing Online Rummy Bust Stress?

Most individuals go through a phase in life where they have to deal with stress in one way or another. Stress is simplified as the feeling of being overwhelmed or unable to cope with the day-to-day activities that directly affect your mental and emotional health. Most commonly, stress is a major part of working individuals who have a lot of pressure on their hands in submitting deadlines and they go through a period of stress. Organizations nowadays take precautions to ensure that their employees are not burnt-out due to the build of work. Hence, you can now find pool tables, PlayStations, and foosball tables in your workplace.

Different people handle stress differently. For many people, stress is handled by working more or spending more time with family, playing outdoor games or indulging in something that gives the most joy. This could also be listening to music, watching movies, going out etc. Today, one of the best stress-busters is the introduction of online card games. In India, playing card games such as online rummy is a preferred method of beating stress. You may find many employees opening their applications during breaks to play rummy online.

The rise in popularity of online rummy is mainly because it is a great stress reliever. The simplicity of the game allows different people from different age groups and backgrounds to easily learn and start playing. 

Reasons Why Playing Rummy is the Best Stress-buster

Playing rummy can be helpful to reduce stress since it enables the following:

  • Interacting with New Users

Sometimes when you are handling stress, you will not want to meet the same people over and over again. Instead, when you play rummy online, you are always introduced to new players. As these new players have the same interests as you, you will easily make new friends that you frequently play with. Usually, by playing enough online rummy, you will get introduced to the same people who log on at the same time. Making new friends that are separate from your daily life is always a great stress reliever.

  • Provides a Relaxing Feeling

In this fast-moving world, you almost have no time to do everything. Not just this, the mountains of pressure endured at work can cause a negative feeling when you end a long day. Not just work, but juggling different essential tasks every day can be extremely difficult and exhausting. Therefore, logging on during your short breaks to focus on external activities like online rummy can be a good distraction to have. Playing Rummy will not just rejuvenate your thoughts but also energize you.

  • Motivates You to Improve

Stress can lead to anxiety at work and a sensation that you may not be good enough. However, when you play online rummy during breaks, it motivates you to get better at the game. When you play online rummy, you will have to be alert in making decisions that will help you win. The more mindful you are when playing against different opinions, this will also translate you to do better at work.

  • Improves Your Skill-set

One way of getting over stress is to instil confidence in yourself. Rummy is a great way to help with this. When you play over time, you will get better at the game and will be able to adapt to different situations that different opponents may put you through. By practice, you will get more confident. Online Rummy is also one of the best games to improve your mental and intellectual skill set.

  • Complete Goals & Get a Sense of Achievement

Lastly, when you win high-stakes games of online Rummy, you get a natural sense of achievement! Most people are stressed as they are not able to complete all their day-to-day tasks due to heavy pressure or an overwhelming feeling. All you need in this situation is a smartphone with a good internet connection and the Gamezy application, where you can join your favorite Rummy games & Win!

  • Improve Mental Health

Playing Rummy Online has its benefits in improving mental health. This is done through formatting strategies, being laser-focused and thinking of different outcomes, therefore improving your mental and cognitive skills in life!

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FAQs on Rummy Being a Stress-buster Game

Does Playing Rummy Relieves Stress?

Playing rummy online during your work breaks can ease out the pressure of day-to-day tasks and keeps you rejuvenated to do better at work, therefore decreasing your stress levels.

Is playing Rummy good for the brain?

Playing rummy is very good for your brain. As you are constantly thinking of different ways to win over your opponent, it keeps the juices flowing & exercises your mental capacity.

Is Playing Rummy Bad?

Sometimes, playing too much rummy can be bad for your health. However, the advantages are far superior to the disadvantages. Playing Rummy in moderation can ensure that you are playing responsibly.

Which Games are Good for Stress and Anxiety?

Online games such as Rummy, Poker and other such card games or casual games are a great way to relieve stress and anxiety.

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