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When it comes to card games, there is nothing more popular than Rummy in India. It is a personal favorite because of how exciting and engaging the card game is. The passion for Rummy in India is grown to all ages and is commonly played as a fun-filled activity at home and during gatherings. Traditionally, the most common form of rummy played is the classic 13-card rummy game. Even though there are different variants of classic rummy, they all follow the same rules.

What is a 13-card Classic Indian Rummy?

As it comes from the name, it is the country’s favorite card game to play. In this game, a player is dealt 13 cards of which they have to create valid sets and sequences. There must be at least one pure sequence (a run of 3 cards of the same suite) created to win a game of classic 13-card rummy. Usually played between 2-6 players, turns are taken by picking & disposing of cards from an open or closed deck. Once a player has completed making all their sets and sequences, they can declare and the points/amounts are distributed.

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Why is There a Lot of Passion for Rummy in India?

People in India tend to love games that involve strategies, planning & the anticipation of the opponent’s moves. Rummy provides a thrilling experience as it is a game of calculation and skill rather than pure luck. Here are some of the reasons why there is a high level of passion for rummy in India.

Due to Social Gatherings

Firstly, Social gatherings are very common in India whether it be weddings, religious gatherings, birthdays and others. With big family gatherings almost guaranteed, a few games of rummy are always played. Playing is not just fun in nature but you also get to share your passion for rummy with other like-minded players. With new applications such as Gamezy, playing rummy has increased drastically.

Accessibility to Online Rummy

Next, the passion for rummy has increased in India because of its accessibility. Playing rummy online takes less time to join tables and can also be played anywhere at any time. Nowadays people can download rummy apps like Gamezy and start playing within a few minutes with just the use of a smartphone with an internet connection. Players can match with other real-life players across the country, making it competitive. Rummy is an easy game to play, easy to follow and also works as a great stress-buster.


According to the Supreme Court of India, rummy is classified as a skill-based game which makes playing on apps totally legal. Players in India love playing rummy for remuneration, which has pushed a lot of them onto online platforms. There are many players in India that join rummy games at any time of the day. You can find people playing rummy on online platforms during their office breaks, when waiting and on various other occasions.

Improves Skills

Another interesting reason why Indians are so passionate about rummy is that it heightens the skills of a player. There are many benefits of playing rummy. Playing Indian rummy sharpens memory, and brain power and improves intelligence. Since there are many calculations involved, playing Indian rummy also improves the mathematical skills of a player. Concentration is key when playing rummy as a player needs to always be on top of their games to win. These characteristics are very important for Indians to adapt and therefore their interest and passion for rummy grow!

There is no doubt that rummy is the most popular card game played in the Indian subcontinent. With the growing popularity of the game, more applications are available now for players to play & win real cash. Due to its legality, there is a huge spectrum of players all across India now. On applications such as Gamezy, players also get amazing deals and offer to play different variants of rummy including Points Rummy, Pool Rummy & Deals Rummy.

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