Poker Rakeback

Poker Rakeback has been a popular player reward method used by poker sites or apps to incentivise players and keep them engaged in a game of online poker. Rake Back is quite a common reward system used in Poker to encourage them to play more. Rake Back can be different for poker sites.

What is Poker Rakeback?

When you enter a real-money poker table, the entry fee or a charge is applied called the Rake. Poker Rakeback is when a portion of the charge is refunded back to the player. For example, if the table has a 30% Rake Back promotion, that amount is refunded to the player over a specific time.

Importance of Online Poker Rakeback Offer

Rakeback increases the winnings from online poker as players can earn money back from every raked hand or tournament that they play. Poker Rake Back gives rewards back to the players on a timely basis, for example, every Monday and keeps the players playing to collect more rewards.

How Does Rakeback Work?

There are different ways how Rakebacks are distributed. When a player enters a table, a certain value is paid to the table like an entry fee, called a rake. When all the rake is collected from the table, players can then get part of the fee back by playing more hands.

How to Calculate Poker Rakeback?

There are three ways to calculate poker Rakeback:

  • Contributed Rakeback
  • Progressive Rakeback
  • Dealt Rakeback

Contributed Rakeback

The contributed Rakeback calculates the rakeback based on the amount of money that has been entered into the pot. If the pot value is high, the rake back amount will also be high.

For example, if you are playing an Rs.2000 pot along with 4 other players, and the promotion is a 20% rake back, then using the contributed Rakeback and if you have entered Rs.500 in the pot, then your amount will be calculated based on the rake generated from the pot.

Dealt Rakeback

Unlike the contributed rakeback, players do not have to play a pot to receive their share of the rakeback. Instead, the dealt rakeback is calculated by sharing the rake paid by all the players that have been dealt a hand. The dealt method ensures that the rakeback is equally shared between all the players in the table.

Progressive Rakeback

The progressive rakeback is a mix of the other methods where the rakeback percentage is calculated depending on the no.of hands played or the rake paid to the table. This is usually good for players at the same table with different pot sizes. For example, if a player plays more hands- then their rakeback percentage is also higher. If the player plays more hands, therefore generating more rake, then they are rewarded with a higher rake back.

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FAQs on Poker Rakeback

What does Rakeback Mean in Poker?

Rakeback means getting back a portion of the initial rake paid to the table. Players receive this as a promotion from poker sites or apps.

How Important is Rakeback in Poker?

Not very important. Rakeback is a method of getting back some of the initial paid in a poker game. Rakeback does not affect how players play poker.

How is Rakeback Calculated?

Depending on different poker sites, different rakeback percentages are provided. For example, some sites may provide a player with 30% RakeBack on specific days based on hands played. This means that 30% of the initial rake collected can be distributed back to the player over time or hands played.

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