Texas Holdem Poker

Texas Hold’em card game is one of the most popular poker variants in the world played online and in casinos. Originally played among friends in local clubs, Texas Holdem Poker gained recognition when it was introduced to the casinos of Las Vegas.

Texas Holdem Poker


What is Texas Hold ‘Em Poker?

Texas Holdem Poker is a skill-based community card game which can be played with a minimum of two players and a maximum of nine players in a single table. Each player is dealt two private cards, also called ‘hole cards’. In addition, the dealer spreads five cards, which can be used by all players. The objective of each player, as per the poker rules, is to make the best five hands cards possible.

Texas Hold’em Poker Game Types

There are three types of poker games, mainly draw, stud and community poker. Texas Hold’em and Omaha are very popular games in the third category. Texas Holdem itself is played using various formats and game types. The most common Texas Poker variants are No-Limit, Limit and Pot Limit.

  • No Limit Hold’em

As the name suggests, there are no wagering limits in this poker variant, and players can wager any amount they wish, including going all-in with their whole stack. The minimum bet amount must be as much as the previous wager in the same round.

  • Limit Texas Hold’em

In this Limit Texas poker variant, players are allowed to wager a fixed amount which is predetermined before the game starts. The players can place upto four wagers during each wagering round.

  • Pot Limit Texas Hold’em

In this Pot Limit Texas poker variant, the maximum a player can wage is equal to the size of the pot. However, there is no limit to the number of raises a player can wager in this game.

Texas hold ’em Poker Rules

The Texas Hold’em poker rules include various wager actions in which a player can take while playing this card game.

Check – A player can choose this action when no wager has been made in the current round. This means the player doesn’t add any chips (cash value) to the pot.

Call – This action indicates that a player wants to match the wager placed by the player before them to stay in hand and continue playing.

Raise – This action means that a player wants to place a wager higher than the previous highest wager in the same round.

Fold – This action allows a player to discard all their cards and quit the round. They will also lose all the chips put in the pot in that round.

All in – This action allows a player to put all their chips in one go. When this happens, the other players have to “call” to stay in the hand. If all players “call”, then a side pot is created.

Texas hold ’em Poker Hands and Hand Values

There are ten possible hands in Hold’em Texas poker:

  1. Royal Flush – This is the best possible five-hand cards in the Texas Holdem Poker game. The five cards must be in a sequence (Ace to 10). All the five cards in hand should be hearts, or all must be diamonds or spades).
  2. Straight Flush – This Texas poker hand is made up of five cards of the same suit in sequence (e.g. 5♣6♣7♣8♣9♣). However, if two players have a straight flush, the player with the highest card wins.
  3. Four of a kind – This hand is made of four cards of the same rank. The fifth card of the hand can be of any rank.
  4. Full house – This hand is made of three cards of one rank and two cards of different rank.
  5. Flush – This hand is made of any five cards of the same suit.
  6. Straight – This hand consist of any five cards in sequence (eg 10,9,8,7,6)
  7. Three of a kind – This hand is made of three cards of the same rank and any two cards of different rank.
  8. Two pair – This Poker hand consists of two cards of one rank, two cards of any other rank and one card of another rank.
  9. One pair – This hand has two cards of the same rank and three cards of any other rank. If both the players have the same pair, the player with the highest three cards value will win.
  10. High card – If a player fails to make any of the above hands, the player wins based on the highest card value.

How to Play Texas hold ’em Poker

Holdem Texas poker is a very simple game, yet can be very complex due to its vast combinations and situations. Hence in order to begin, a player must understand the different rounds of the game.

Before any cards are dealt, two players on the left of the dealer must place a wager to begin action. These are called the small blind and Big blind (twice as small blind).

Pre-Flop – This is the first wagering round where two private cards are dealt face down. You can either call, raise or fold.

Flop – This is the second wagering round where three cards are dealt face up on the table.

The Turn – The third round of betting is called ‘the turn’. Here another card is dealt face up on the table.

River – The final round is called river where the fifth card is dealt.

After all the rounds are complete. If two or more players are in the game, they have to show the cards in hands and the player with the best possible five cards in hands wins the pot.

Tips to Play Texas hold ’em Poker

Here are a few tips and strategies to play Texas Hold’em:

  • Don’t call every hand.
  • Fold whenever you are unsure.
  • Bet sizing is important. Don’t go all out in no limit cash games.
  • Avoid bluffing too often.

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