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21 Card Rummy

21 Card Rummy is among the best rummy games, where the game is based on the rupee or point value of the card, which is decided in advance. Rummy can be played among 4 or 6 players. This game can be easily played online rather than offline. This is an exciting type of mind teaser game, where the main focus is informing the sequence of the card before any other player. Before entering the game, every player has to pay an amount which is collected and later given to the winner as a reward. Here, we will learn to play this game online.


Special Terms Used In The 21 Card Rummy Game

You must be familiar with these terms before you start reading this article on how to play 21 card rummy. These would help you to understand the below-mentioned steps easily. So here we go!


It is the combination of three similar cards, which means a sequence should be created with a similar card of three suits. For example, Cards with 3 similar values of Spade are considered Tunnela. 2♣ 2♣ 2♣.


When two similar cards create a combination, it is called DUBLEE. This DUBLEE also requires the card with the same face value as the identical suits to be considered DUBLEE. 9♠ 9♠.


It is used to decide who will play first. In this case, the card is randomly distributed to all players, and the player with the highest face value will get the first chance, and the player with the lowest face value will get the last chance.


The person who got the low-face value card is considered a dealer.


Joker is the card that is randomly picked and decided at the beginning of the game with upper joker and lower joker.

Upper Joker:

It is a card with a high face value compared to a joker. If a joker is 5 then it will be 6.

Lower Joker:

It is called a lower joker because its face value is lower than the joker. If the joker value is 5 then its value will be 4.

Note: If the joker is ace, the upper joker will be 2, and the lower joker will be king.


It consists of 3 or more running cards of the same unit. It means cards with the same face value with a different suit.

How to Play a 21 Card Rummy Game?

One must follow the following steps for playing this game:

  1. All the cards of three decks are distributed among players. So, 21 cards are given to each player. One of the random cards is placed up to indicate the open card. From here, the game begins.
  2. After the card distribution, every player in their turn has to discard one card to the open pile or draw the card to build the winning sequence of cards.
  3. The game will continue in the same manner. Every player has to arrange the sequence of the cards as quickly as possible to win the game. The card sequence should be created in such a way that it gives the total point according to the limit.
  4. A player who first arranges all the cards in proper sequence and with a valid number of points will likely win the game and get maximum positive points.
  5. Before the game begins, the value of each card in the rupee is already decided. Later, it depends on the players, with which multiple values they wish to play. These value points given to each card are considered multipliers.
  6. While playing the game, if any player’s chips are finished, their game will not get interrupted, as chips can be topped up. It means players can bring additional chips between games and continue the game.
  7. Often, a player gets a bad card; in such cases, the player has two choices: Either discard all the cards or discard that card. The first discard will let you lose 30 points, and discarding the card in between will let you lose 70 points.
  8. At last, once the valid declaration is made by any player whose sequence is complete, he will be considered the winner. However, his sequence must be valid. Otherwise, if the sequence is invalid and he makes an announcement, he has to lose all his points to all other players in the game.
  9. After declaration, the card sequence is checked by the other player, and if the sequence is valid, then all loser player points are given to the winner. These points are called positive points.
  10. Four suits, J, Q, K, and A, are included in the 21 Card Rummy game, each carrying 10 points. Face value cards have the same value as their card. For example, a card with 9 values has 9 points. A joker in rummy game has zero value.
  11. The game ends after the player makes the announcement. Next, the points of all players are calculated to decide the winner and loser. Points are calculated in the following case:
  12. If the loser has a card that does not form a sequence of any kind, their point is calculated.
  13. If the loser card is in sequence but they are not properly arranged or melded into the sequence, then points will also be calculated.

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Things to Understand Before Playing 21 Card Rummy

  1. The game’s main objective is to arrange the cards into a sequence. The total points on the cards collected should not exceed the limit set according to the game.
  2. This game can be played among 4 or 6 players. Cards are distributed from decks that have 52 cards. Each candidate gets 21 cards to play. Within these 3 decks, there are 4 suits in each deck. Each suit has 13 cards.
  3. This whole game depends upon the point of the card. Each point has its money value which the players predetermine before starting the game. According to the value of the card, players win or lose money.
  4. Each player must meld the card while playing the game. Meld means arranging the card in proper sequence. The one who can arrange the card in the proper sequence before anyone else is considered the winner. In-game, the sequence should be submitted early to avoid penalty.

How One is Considered A Winner in This Game?

The winner should have the proper rummy sequence and combination of the card to be considered as the winner. There might be different combinations that can make a person win are discussed below.


There should be at least 8 dublee in the sequence and arranged individually to be considered the winner. It is the first type of sequence required to win the game.


There should be at least 3 tunnela in the proper sequence. All should be set individually to win the game.


Another winning sequence is 8 Joker. This joker does not need to arrange in proper sequence. Instead, they can be created sequentially while counting each card’s point.

How The Winning Amount Of 21 Rummy Online Is Decided?

The winning amount is given to a person having maximum positive points, and their points are calculated in the following ways.

  • Winning amount = positive score * positive value – rake amount applicable

What is the Difference Between Rummy and 21 Card Rummy?

Both games are the same, but there is a difference in how both are played.

Rummy does not have a value card, the player has to create a proper sequence to win the game. But in the case of 21 rummy, there is a value card. Any player with the value card in the sequence can win the game without creating an actual sequence.

Instead, it makes the value card more valuable by increasing the points’ value. Each value card has a different value depending upon the card.

One can enjoy the different variations of rummy game on the Gamezy app.

Value Cards Used in the 21 Card Game Follow:



Sterling joker


Lower joker


Upper Joker


Printed Joker




2 of Club


Joker Trinala


Ace of Spade


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FAQs on 21 Card Rummy

What Are The Maximum Point Losses a Player Incur in The Game?

In the online rummy card, there are the following criteria for a set of point loss.

  • 120 is the minimum criteria.
  • Any point less than 120 is considered a point loss.
  • Total points loss is capped at 200 points. This indicates the points lost as well as the value card score.
  • What are the Differences Between 13 Rummy Card And The 21 Card Rummy Games?

    The significant difference between the two is the number of cards. Rummy 13 has 13 cards, and rummy 21 has 21 cards. Therefore, rummy 13 has fewer decks, and rummy 21 has more decks. Rummy 13 is easy as making a combination in this card is more accessible than rummy 21 because, in this game, a specific type of combination is needed. It also has some different and new terms that are not in rummy 13. Check out more about the difference between 13 card rummy and 21 card rummy in detail here.

    How Many Jokers are There in the 21 Rummy Card?

    In 21 Card Rummy, you have 3 decks of 53 cards each, including 3 printed jokers. In the 21-card Rummy game, we have an upper and lower joker. An example of the same is explained in the information mentioned above.

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