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Interesting Rummy Facts

Rummy has by far been the most popular card game enjoyed by people of various nations. The rummy game has several variations that are equally popular. The game is gaining more and more popularity these days due to its dominant presence online. People have the liberty to play their favorite game anytime, anywhere using their mobile, tablets, laptops, etc.

Top 15 Interesting Facts About the Game of Rummy:

  1. The century and place from which the game originated is still unknown. Some believe that it originated in the 19th century somewhere in Spain, while some believe that it originated from French Poker. It is also believed that the game has been derived from a Chinese game known as Mahjong.
  2. The game has more than 20 variations. As the actual number of variations are still unknown, a lot of people also believe that there are more than 100 variations of Rummy.
  3. It is said that Rummy was a game played for Rum. The loser had to buy the next round of drinks for the people on the table.
  4. Rummy is a stress buster. It is a brain game that can give you a mental break from your busy schedule.
  5. Rummy is known to improve hand eye coordination, math concepts, and visual judgments.
  6. Playing Rummy regularly can make you a people reader. As the game requires you to observe the opponent carefully, you get to learn a lot about human behavior.
  7. Contrary to what many believe that rummy is won or lost on the basis of luck, it’s a game of skill. This is the reason behind even courts of law also considering it as a game of skill and hence completely legal to play in most countries. This is also the reason behind the rummy game being a source of income for many people around the world since it’s not considered as gambling.
  8. Traditionally, rummy is a family game or social game with the duration of board games and card games combined. Being a game that involves a number of players, rummy also develops a sense of community in players.
  9. The cards that we use now to play card games have evolved to the current state after many modifications. They were initially handmade and each card was painstakingly painted. The evolution of paper and printing techniques is what has made the packs of cards so easily available.
  10. ‘Rum’ is a common slang in the UK which means ‘odd’ or ‘peculiar’. When the card game was first introduced, it was associated with the slang ‘rum’ signifying that the game was unusual or odd.
  11. Today, drinking rum or any other alcoholic drinks are not part of the rule set of rummy.
  12. Some people think that rummy is a complicated game. This is not true. While it does have an initial learning curve and hours and hours of practice is needed to improve the game, the game is extremely logical and quite simple to play for someone who has understood all the rules.
  13. Another origin story for the game says Rummy most likely evolved from a 19th-century game called Conquian which was popular in Mexico, from where it spread to other parts of the world (Con quién in Spanish means ‘with whom’).
  14. Alternatively, some say that Conquian was actually derived from the word Kon Khin or the Chinese game Khanhoo.
  15. Rummy is also known as ‘Mother of all card games’ because games like Bridge and Pinochle are also believed to have been derived from Rummy.

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