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Is Rummy Better than Teen Patti?

When you ask the question of which is the most favorite card game that is played in the Indian subcontinent, two very popular games come to mind which is rummy and Teen Patti. Now, both these games have evolved into online games. Online Rummy is widely played and is a skill-based game and has several origins & variations. Rummy Game tests your analytical skills and cognitive skills. Teen Patti on the other hand is more luck-based and does not need a lot of thinking to play the game.

When you compare the popularity of the games, online rummy wins. This is because of the different variations and tournaments that are widely popular in most online gaming applications. If you are looking for an answer to why Rummy is better than Teen Patti, continue reading:

Rummy vs Teen Patti – Which is the Better Game?

In India, the Rummy game is better than Teen Patti games. One of the main reasons that rummy is better than Teen Patti is because of the legality. Rummy is skill-based whereas Teen Patti is luck-based, making it illegal to play for real money in India. Even though Teen Patti is a faster game and mainly involves betting until the last two players remain, Rummy has been the more popular and widely enjoyed game in India. Rummy’s point-scoring system and variants make it superior to Teen Patti.

About Rummy Game

There are different variants of the rummy game. The most popular is the 13 Card Rummy game. Under the 13 card rummy, there are three major variants wich are Deals Rummy, Pool Rummy & Points Rummy.

Learn more about the variants here:

Rummy is a skill-based game that is played with 13 cards, in which players will have to make sets and sequences. It is played with 2 decks of cards with jokers. The winner of Rummy will be the player that has assigned all their 13 cards into valid sets and sequences (such as Pure Sequence & Impure Sequences). When playing Rummy, players will pick up and discard cards from the closed/open pile to make these sequences. Once finished, a player will declare and the points/winnings will be decided based on the different variants of the game. Playing Rummy is legal in India. When playing on platforms such as Gamezy, you can win real money by entering tournaments & tables.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti or in English, Three Cards, starts with players placing an ante bet. After this, the dealer will deal 3 cards to each player. After this, players can then decide if they want to continue playing or drop out of the game. Players can also play as blind or seen. If you choose to go blind, you cannot see the cards that have been dealt to you. If you are in a game where you are blind and other players have seen their cards, then you will have to match only half of their wagers. As players raise and fold, the remaining two players will have their cards revealed and compared.

Teen Patti is quite different from Rummy Game. In fact, it is a simplified version of Poker. Because each player has only 3 cards, the game is much shorter than Online Rummy. In Teen Patti, only one pack of 52 cards is required and Aces are regarded as the strongest card. If you get 3 Aces, then you have an equivalent to a Royal Flush in poker.

FAQs on Rummy vs Teen Patti Games

Is Rummy a Good Game?

Yes. Rummy is India’s most popular card game. It is widely played by all age groups and has been very easily accessible to play Online Rummy.

Why is Rummy so Popular?

Rummy is so popular as it allows you to play using your decision-making skills to make real money. It is also fun to play between 4-6 players in most households.

Is Rummy Easy to Learn?

Rummy games are very simple to learn. If you are a beginner in Rummy, there are several manuals and information available to read and learn.

Is Teen Patti a Luck Game?

As all players are given only 3 cards and involve betting after the game has started, Teen Patti has been classified as a luck-based game, therefore making it illegal in India.

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