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Paplu, Nichlu and Tiplu in Rummy

When you have played rummy card games or even online rummy, have you ever heard of the terms Paplu, Nichlu and Tiplu? They may sound odd, but they are actually all rummy terminologies commonly used in a variant of rummy called ‘Marriage Rummy’.

Marriage rummy or Indian rummy is a variant of rummy that is popular in India, Nepal and Bhutan. In this version, 3 decks of 52-set cards are used and are played between 2-5 players. However, in this variant of rummy, there are no printed jokers used. But instead, each deal will have a set of ‘wild cards’ created that represent “jokers”. Each player is dealt 21 cards and the objective of this rummy game is to make sets of 3 only, unlike the more common variants of rummy.

What are Tiplu, Nichlu and Paplu in Rummy?

Tiplu, nichlu and paplu are common terminologies in the marriage rummy variants.

Tiplu in Rummy

To put it in simple terms, when 21 cards have been dealt per player, a random card is pulled from the deck of cards and this is called a Tiplu. Therefore, if a drawn card is the Jack of Hearts, then all the remaining Jacks in the pile are also Tiplu.

Nichlu in Rummy

When a card is drawn out of the deck after dealing 21 cards per player, it is the Tiplu card. If the Tiplu card is 6, then the three 5 cards of the same suit become the Nichlu cards.

Paplu in Rummy

The Paplu cards are the ones that are one number/face value card higher than the Tiplu. If the Tiplu is the 10 of spades, then the three Jack of spades become the Paplu cards.

Gameplay with Paplu, Nichlu & Tiplu

Similar to any other rummy game variants, you will have to make sets and sequences to win. However, the one difference is that it can only be a set or sequence of 3 cards, not more.

When playing rummy with Paplu, Nichlu and Tiplu rules, here are the different possibilities:

  • Tunnels: Set of three identical cards of the same value and same suit. Ex. (4,4,4 of Hearts)
  • Pure sequence: A set of three consecutive cards of the same suit. Ex. (7,8,9 of Spades)
  • Impure Sequence: A set of three cards of which 2 are consecutive and the third is a joker card to complete the sequence. Ex. (10,J of Spades + Joker)
  • Triplet: Three identical cards of the same value but with different suits. Ex. (6 Hearts, 6 Clubs & 6 Diamonds)
  • Dirty Triplet: Three identical cards of the same value but with one of them being a Joker card. Ex. (Joker + K Hearts, K Spades)

If you make a pure sequence of a Tiplu, Nichlu & Paplu- it is called a marriage.

Rules of Paplu, Nichlu & Tiplu

The Paplu, Nichlu, Tiplu rules are similar to the other rules of rummy game. In the rules of Paplu, Nichlu & Tiplu, a player must have at least 3 tunnellas or 3 pure sequences before going ahead in making the remaining sets and sequences to complete the game.

FAQs on Paplu,Nichlu and Tiplu

What is Paplu in Rummy?

Paplu refers to the card that is one value above the Tiplu card. For example, if the Tiplu card is 8, then the Paplu cards will be 9.

How Do You Play Paplu Rummy?

Paplu rummy is very similar to the classic rummy game but there are no jokers. Instead, ‘wild cards’ are chosen by the jokers and are also called a 21-card rummy game.

What is Tiplu in Rummy?

After a player is dealt 21 cards, a random card is chosen from the pile. This card is a Tiplu. If the card chosen is a K, then there are two more remaining Tiplu cards in the pile.

What is Nichlu in Rummy?

Nichlu refers to the value card that is one below the Tiplu card. For example, if the Tiplu card is 3, then the Nichlu cards will be 2.

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