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Rummy Game vs Rummy Tournament

Playing rummy gives you the real feel of enjoyment whether it be offline or online. In most Indian households, a variant of rummy is played with its own rules. If you love playing rummy, you are not alone. Nowadays, online rummy is the main medium for people around the world. Online rummy gives you the chance to play and compete in cash games or tournaments with a chance to win real money. But which format is better to play and why? If you are looking for a comparison between a rummy game vs rummy tournament, you have come to the right place.

Rummy Game vs Rummy Tournament

Playing both cash games & tournaments are extremely fun. One of the main differences in a rummy game and a rummy tournament is the length of each. Rummy tournaments are much longer than rummy games as there are many players involved. Also, if one table has declared before others in a rummy tournament, there will be a wait time before the other table has also declared. In rummy games, the duration is much shorter.

Rummy cash games can be joined at any given point of time. However, rummy tournaments are scheduled and will start at a pre-decided time. Rummy tournaments are also scheduled for the weekends where more active players will be able to participate.

The winnings amount also differs in Rummy game vs rummy tournament. In rummy games, the winnings amount is either pre-decided in some variants, or based on the chips that you have collected in the game. However, in Rummy tournaments, there is a Prize pool distributed among a certain number of winners. The Winning amount is significantly higher in Rummy tournaments than in cash games.

So, to summarise;

Diffference Between Rummy Games and Rummy Tournaments

Parameter Rummy Game Rummy Tournament
Game Length Shorter Longer
Schedule Rummy games can be joined any time Rummy tournaments are pre-scheduled
Winning Amount Lower when compared to tournaments Winning amount is significantly higher
Winning Distribution Pre-decided winnings in most variants Winning amount is distributed from a prize pool

What is a Rummy Cash game?

Rummy cash games are one of the ways that you can win real money playing. With online rummy, you can play cash games wherever you want & whenever you want. All you need is a smartphone and a good internet connection. All you have to do is to download a rummy app like Gamezy and register through a phone number/ email address. Once you have added cash into your account, you can then start playing rummy by selecting the table that you want to play in. Rummy cash games can come in many variants such as Deals Rummy, Pools Rummy & Points Rummy, with its own set of rules. To play a cash game, you will have to join with an entry fee. Once you have declared with a valid combination of sequences, there will be a pre-decided amount that you will receive. The bigger the entry fee, the more money you can make playing Rummy Cash games. The winnings will be based on the entry fee & the rummy variant. Note: Different variants will have different winnings calculation methods.

What is a Rummy Tournament game?

The rummy rules are the same for both rummy cash games and rummy tournament games. However, there are some differences when you play rummy tournaments. First of all, rummy tournaments are scheduled and a player would need to register. In a rummy tournament game, there will always be more than 2 players on the table. It is conducted in an elimination process.At the start of a Rummy tournament, players are provided with a set of chips to play from. The main objective in Rummy tournaments is to ensure that your chips don’t run out. The winner of the round gathers all the chips from the other players in the same table. Rummy tournaments in Gamezy follow a prize pool format of distributing winnings.

FAQs on Rummy Games vs Rummy Tournaments:

What is a Rummy Cash Game?

A rummy cash game is played between 2-6 players in a selected table. The winning amount is either pre-decided or done through the collection of chips during the game. Rummy cash games can be entered at any point of time.

What is a Rummy Tournament?

A rummy tournament is pre-scheduled and has much higher player count than rummy cash games. In tournaments, a table elimination method is used where only the winner will move onto the next round.

Which one to Play – Cash Rummy Games or Tournaments?

Both types are exciting. If you are looking to improve your skills, then you should play the rummy cash games. However, if you feel like a pro, then you can enter tournaments- which are longer, but rewards are also bigger.

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