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Ludo Fantasy

The game of ludo is an excellent option when it comes to playing games on online platforms. It is an extremely popular board game which was initially played in the ancient times, known as the Indian game of pachisi. The game is played on a board in the shape of a cross, with four congruent arms. Over the years, the game became popular all around the world and came to be known as Ludo. The idea is to move four tokens from four different teams from a definite starting point and reach the center of the board called home while moving all across the cross. The first team to have all 4 of their tokens reach home, wins the game. Online ludo fantasy increased especially during pandemic and is still continued.


About Ludo Fantasy Game

Currently there are multiple online platforms offering the Ludo fantasy game to its users for recreation and entertainment. It is a great way to stay connected with your friends as online platforms allow you to include other people in your game in real time. It is as exciting as playing Ludo on a board together.

The best part about playing the game of fantasy ludo on the Gamezy app will help you earn cash rewards that can be transferred by you into your actual bank account without any hassle or inconvenience. It is extremely easy and you don’t need to acquire any advanced level tech-knowledge to do so.

Ludo Game Rules:

Follow the below Ludo Rules before playing the Game.

  • One of the players can form a play room with a designated code or link.
  • The player can share this code or link with the other three members that are looking forward to forming a team of four, to play the game of fantasy Ludo.
  • All the four players can initiate the game after they log in into the playroom at the decided time.
  • Each of the players is assigned one particular colour as a designated team. The choice of colours is red, blue, yellow and green.
  • The game software will randomly choose one of the players as the first team member to roll the dice.
  • The turn to roll the dice is offered one by one to each of the players, until one of them scores a six on the dice and can start moving their tokens on the Ludo board.
  • A ludo board, as explained earlier, has four equidistant arms joint together in the shape of a Cross. Each arm has three adjacent rows Divided into six squares each.
  • The outer white rows are the ones where tokens move throughout the game.
  • The tokens reach the middle row (with the same colour as that of the particular team’s token colour designated), in order to reach home.
  • The starting point of each team is joined to the middle row and indicated by the same colour as their colour of tokens and corresponding middle row.
  • This starting point is very crucial as no other team member can touch down on it.
  • Once the token is out in the field, the player moves it in a clockwise direction according to the number rolled out by the dice.
  • All the other team members will keep on rolling the dice, one by one, until they hit a six and are able to open their tokens as well.
  • Furthermore, a six on the dice ruled by any of the players will give the player a choice to move its already playing token in the field six steps ahead, or take out another token from its team in the field.
  • All the above mentioned rules will continue to carry out and the tokens from all the teams will keep on moving to reach their end goal, that is, “home.”
  • Whenever a token from the opposition team lands on your token, you will have to withdraw that token bank and start all over again.
  • That is why, having more and more tokens of your team in the field will give you an added advantage when one of your tokens is withdrawn. But it is also a risky game as the more tokens you have in the field, the more your chances of getting the token withdrawn.
  • The team that is able to move all four of its tokens, throughout the playing field around the cross and reach the middle coloured row, to touch down the home, wins the fantasy Ludo game.

Prize Distribution in Ludo Fantasy

  • The winner of the game receives maximum points or rewards depending upon the game policy.
  • The winner can choose to stay and see the progress taking place in the game, till the game reaches the finishing point.
  • The other three players continue to play until the second team is able to reach home.
  • Similarly, when the third team reaches home, all the four players are designated with their positions in the game according to their performance, as first, second, third and fourth.

Ludo Fantasy Game Rewards

Winning numerous rewards and cash prizes for playing the ludo online game is a fantasy of many. It is the best form of fun activity that people of all ages indulge into and wish to earn the rewards as an additional perk. It also acts as a reinforcement for more and more people to spend greater hours on playing the game of ludo fantasy. The online game of ludo on the Gamezy app is one of the best platforms to play the ludo game and earn genuine rewards in monetary terms.

The Gamezy app is one of the most trusted and popular online gaming apps for winning cash prizes. It is an extremely secure and foolproof platform to transfer real time money into your own bank account without any inconvenience or upgraded skills. All you need is consistent ludo practice by playing the game regularly so as to establish a winning streak and earn rewards as frequently as possible. This will help you with winning significant rewards that can then be converted into real-time money.

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