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How to Become a Ludo King?

The online Ludo game has evidently become one of the most popular games played by people of all age groups. Some players find pleasure in merely playing the game as it serves as a source of recreation and entertainment. However, some players are extremely motivated by their winning streaks and wish to continue it for as long as possible. It about a sense of competition amongst players and the fun of winning more and more games is quite thrilling. However, becoming a Ludo king is not a cake walk, as it may seem. Thorough knowledge of the game rules and proper execution along with consistency and practice is what will drive you towards winning each game.

Making of a Ludo King

As it is famously said “ practice makes perfect,” it is crucial to play the game of Ludo frequently and identify your shortcomings to improve on them. It also helps in refining your moves throughout the board and overall smooth movement throughout the end of the game. Remember, it is not always a small set of great moves that would win the game for you. Sometimes, it is a combination of numerous decent, yet consistent movements of your pawns that can secure your spot as a Ludo king.

Becoming Ludo Champion on Gamezy App

The Gamezy app provides a very polished and extremely user-friendly interface for you to practice and go on to consistently win the game of Ludo. The user interface facilitates the players to make significant progress in the game with much ease and win maximum rewards. This motivates the players to perform better and better with each subsequent game and sharpen their skills in the game of ludo.

The app is also provided with step-by-step rules of playing the game as a form of facilitation for both fresh players and experienced users. The execution of the rules in a proper manner heightens your chances of winning the game. It is also extremely important to utilize the time provided before your tone and not make hasty moves. A completely calculated move off your phone is any day better than an uncalculated brisk move.

It is one of the most convenient and easiest platforms to learn and master the art of playing the game of ludo and become the ludo king. The Gamezy app also provides one of a kind, unique and innovative gaming features such as the 2-Dice ludo, to further challenge its users and help them further enhance their mastery in the game.

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Tips and Tricks for becoming King of Ludo

Following are some Ludo tips and tricks that you can include in your next game. This helps you to create a winning streak and become the king of Ludo:

  • Always give yourself time to think and consider all the movement options that are available. Think about how each movement will affect your position in the game. It is extremely important to follow the strategy of thinking first and then executing.

  • Practice will definitely make you better at playing the game of Ludo. It will expose you with the multiple possibilities and how you can go about your progress in the game

  • It is crucial to open as many pawn pieces as you can whenever given the chance. The more pieces you have on the board the more chances you have of reaching the home spot sooner.

  • It is not always advised to be moving only one single piece in order to reach “home.”

  • In addition to moving as many pieces as you can on the board, it is crucial to spread your pieces across the entire board. This will allow unrestricted movement of your pieces. At the same time it will minimize the space for movement of your opponents pieces. Using this strategy will also help you block the pieces of your rival player from reaching the “home” before you do.

  • Never miss an opportunity to dismiss your opponent’s pawn. The more pawn pieces you kill the more chances you have of reaching the winning spot without any obstruction.

  • Whenever you stumble upon the option of killing the opposite player’s pawn or leading your way to the winning spot, remember always to go for the winning spot. Sacrificing your winning spot just to take down your opponent’s piece is not worth the risk.

  • At the same time, you should always try to save your pieces from getting killed by your opponent. And moving your pieces that are very close to home even on a smaller digit on the dice can put your pawn piece at risk. Instead, move your piece only when a larger digit falls on your dice. Careful movement is always advised so as to avoid losing your chances to win.

  • If a small number appears on the dice, it’s advised to move the piece that is closest to starting point. This is because the loss of such a piece will not affect your game extensively. However, losing a piece that is close to the winning spot can break your ongoing game.

  • Frequently repeat the number that will help your dice (that is closest to the winning spot) reach a safe block on the board. So whenever that number appears on the dice, you will immediately be reminded to move your piece. Move the pawn to the safe place to avoid getting killed by the rival player’s pawn.

  • The more thought you give behind your movement across the board, the more chances you have of planting smarter moves and getting an inch closer to the win. The idea is to think and strategize the move but also keep it time bound.

  • Following a strategy dominated by the act of attacking is another tried and tested method of becoming a Ludo champion. You should always look for a chance to kill your opponent’s pawn piece and be ruthless. However, this should always be done after complete calculation and not at the risk of your own piece.

  • If your piece is either in the first or second quadrant of the board, it can be advised to follow a full on attacking mode in order to get rid of the rival’s coin. In case your coin is currently in the third or fourth quadrant of the Ludo board, it is often advised to carry out a calculated attack only at the risk of reaching a safer distance or safe spot on the board. This will highly lessen the chances of you losing your piece.

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