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Indian Ludo Game

The roots of the game of ludo has been traced back to the ancient Indian subcontinent. The game of Ludo is believed to be derived from the classical game of “Pachisi” that established its popularity in the Mahabharata times. The name “pachisi” comes from the Hindi word “pachis” which means “25”, referring to the highest score that can be thrown with the help of cowrie shells. The Pachisi board game is also referred as Parcheesi or Parchis. Pachisi can be played amongst two, three or four players. The pieces for one team are yellow and black, while the pieces for the other team are red and green. The team that gets all of its pieces to the finish line first wins the game.


Indian Ludo Board Game

The Indian ludo game is placed on a specifically designed board with special areas that are commonly called green, red, yellow and blue. Each player in the game is provided with colours and four tokens or pawn pieces in the same colour. The board is square in shape and in the center of the board lies a Cross shaped area where the tokens are moved throughout the play.

The playing area is composed of three columns of squares on each arm of the cross. The outer rows are usually white in colour and the middle row is coloured representing the “home” column of the player. The starting point or square of a player is designated as the sixth coloured square that is in continuation with the “Home” column. In the center of the cross lies the “home” which is composed of four triangles leading up to the formation of a square.

Ludo Game Online

The game of ludo is regarded as one of the leading online games, with numerous players actively participating on a daily basis. There are several reasons considered for this, such as the fact that Ludo is a fun time-pass game. While the game of Ludo is simple to grasp, winning the game needs extensive tactics and abilities. The Ludo game meets several criteria that are preferred by people, as many individuals’ personal favorite game, which explains its popularity. The current version of Ludo, however, is different from the authentic Ludo game that came from India.

Players have made numerous changes to the game over the years and an attempt to make it flawless. They’ve finally settled on Ludo’s existing variant after several years of continuous trial and error. The developers appear to have defined the standards of attempting to play Ludo as the lead has been modified and transformed. Gamezy’s online game of Ludo has also succeeded in dominating the Indian gaming industry, with thousands of participants attempting to overcome their opposing players and win the prize money as much as possible. Gamezy’s Ludo rewards players and assists them in earning actual cash for their gaming abilities. However, this is not the only factor while Ludo has recently emerged as a successful online board game.

Ludo India Game Apps

As discussed in the earlier section, the Indian game of Ludo traces its way back to the ancient Indian roots. This is one of the main reasons why the Indian population accounts for a huge chunk of the online Ludo gaming app platforms. It is not only limited to the younger generation and gizmo friendly kids that the current generation represents. It is equally loved by the older generations as well since they are able to feel a connection with the online game of Ludo. Since the newer derivative of the ancient game of Parcheesi brings back the nostalgia of our ancient literature and culture.

Anyone who has grown up watching and listening to anecdotes from Mahabharata and other historical mentions, is able to relate to the game and develop interest in playing the game. Since playing the game of Ludo online is an extremely convenient way of indulging yourself in Ludo, hence it is the preferred platform these days. This establishes the trending nature of Indian Ludo game apps amongst our online game loving audience.

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Ludo App Popularity amongst Indian Population

During COVID 19 outbreak, Ludo had the most players on various online portals because players could stay at home and enjoy these quintessential board games along with their friends sitting in different corners of the world. The fact that the game of Ludo caters to the population of all ages and genders, makes it an extremely popular online gaming app. In the Indian Ludo game apps have been greatly in demand post COVID 19. This is because of the reason that the pandemic created a huge market for online gaming portals or platforms making people of varied age groups get hooked to online gaming.

It is a great form of time pass while sitting at home. It is also an excellent way of staying connected with one’s friends and family. The online game of Ludo is extremely easy to understand and execute. For this reason it is also quite trending amongst the older generations of men and women, alike.


It is very convenient to learn how to play the Ludo game even when one is not a tech savvy person. Yes, winning the game consistently and learning the strategies does take a few skills and abilities in consideration. But for people who are looking for fun and a re-creation in the online game of Ludo, it is a very easy game to learn and with the passage of time and continuous playing it gets better and better.

Also, exposing yourself to Indian Ludo game online facilitates the release of feel good hormones or chemicals in the human body such as the endorphins, oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin. It also helps in the reduction of cortisol which keeps your mind in a relaxed sense of state. Playing with our loved ones further enhances the effect of these chemicals. In short we can say that the game of Ludo when played online positively affects our mind and body, though it should always be done in moderation.

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